Japanese Zodiac – The Secrets Of The Japanese Horoscope

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Japanese zodiac sign horoscope

Get to know himself better Japanese Zodiac-

We are still at the beginning of the year and the forecasts of its development are very up-to-date. Astrologer and Metaphysician are all of the opinion that it should consider as many sources of information into consideration so that you can get an objective picture about 2015.

Do you know the Japanese zodiac sign? Do you know with which symbol you should identify yourself and what you will have as good luck according to the forecast of the Japanese horoscope? If Yes, then you need to look no further according to a suitable source. We now summarize everything for you.

Breathtaking panoramic view in Japan

Japanese Zodiac pagoda spring blooms mountains

The 12 Japanese Zodiac

The Japanese zodiac sign are just like our number. You are so 12. But they have another name, but differ from ours in the period. The characteristics are also quite different from the us better known.

Cherry Blossom (15.02-20.03)

They are spontaneous, passionate, enthusiastic, full of positive energy, have a pure heart. It would be not bad, if you’re single minded and more trust in your friends and family.

Tender passion pink

Japanese Zodiac cherry blossom

Sun (21.03-29.04)

You are the idealistic of all the Japanese Zodiac.  Wisdom and beauty are your movement forces in life. You crave all the time for justice. If you follow always your intuition, you would not be positioned wrong.

Fiery and just be

Japanese Zodiac Sun sea

Bamboo (30.04-04.06)

They are lightweight and flexible. They belong to the Japanese zodiac sign, which is most easily adapt to different people and circumstances. You are super fit for team work. You would have to trust your inner feeling but more.

Flexible and balanced

Japanese Zodiac bamboo round stones

Ox of the rice fields (05.06-06.07)

You work all the time and exaggerate it pretty much in most cases. You don’t complain and were perfectly. If you start a family, you may well rely on your relatives.

Strong and true

Japanese zodiac sign ox rice fields

Lotus Flower (07.07-01.08)

These are very sensitive, gentle and somewhat speak people. Compassion is a more typical property with them. This Japanese sign people love life, the family and the children. With more awareness of death they can get everything what they have dreamed.

Tender and compassionate

Japanese Zodiac Lotus Flower purple

Japanese bridge (02-27.08)

You make the connection between the two worlds, two coasts… Even between two space, one can say. You were born for it, to help the others. You are attracted by the exciting phenomena, the mystical travel and the arts. They in turn tend to abandon your purpose in the middle of the road. Learn how to check this property.

Helpful and adventurous

Japanese Zodiac bridge

Garden stones (28.08-10.10)

Curious, charming and very good-natured. With this approach it is easy for you to influence the opinion of other people. You will be sad but always again through the knowledge that you may be not perfect. However, consider whether this is not a relative concept and does not depend on the eye of the beholder.

Charismatic and assertive

Japanese Zodiac stained garden pebbles

Imperator (11.10-18.11)

They see life as an endless adventure. You meet again and again on many obstacles. But you but remain convinced of their success. The property, which you should overcome, is your character gross about.

Set positive and pragmatic

Japanese Zodiac Emperor

Empress (19.11-26.12)

You know what you want and follow your objectives on each price. You are looking for but also a strong support. Usually this is done in a man – your friend, brother, husband.

Purposeful, communicative

Japanese Zodiac Empress Emperor

Moon (27.12-18.01)

When the Japanese zodiac sign the moon plays a special role. These are mystical, magical, peaceful people. But, they tend to do without due to the great love on your personal development. Well, think about whether it really is worthwhile.

Silent and mysterious

Japanese Zodiac moon night

Sacred turtle (19.01-14.02)

This Japanese Zodiac may refer to people who are typically fragile, wise, and very careful. Women wear most of the time the mask of an “ice Queen”. However, including one discovered a person with free will, which is at the same time very passionate and ready to fight. Learn to print your opinion freely.

Sensitive and wise at the same time

Japanese Zodiac sacred turtle

Please, carefully read the info in the Japanese year horoscope and confuse them definitely not with the Chinese zodiac sign. These are named not for animals, but for plants. Often they are confused and that’s too bad. Because the knowledge of the Japanese Zodiac is quite rewarding, as you probably already own noticed that.

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