Joachim Löw – One Of The Most Popular German Celebrities

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Joachim Löw Bundestrainer relaxation satisfaction

Latest news about Joachim Löw

Joachim Löw is not only the most popular national coach, is one of the most popular celebrities in Germany at all. According to a survey of “Der Spiegel”, the question: ‘What celebrities represent a Germany for you, how you want it?’ took place, is arising that Jogi occupied the third place, right after Günter Jauch and former Chancellor Helmut Schmidt. Our head coach is not only elegant and refined, but it has a strong, positive aura that captured not only the women’s hearts. Joachim Löw takes place in the hearts of the Germans of different generation. Often, his commitment, his stamina and determination were rewarded through the numerous victories of the German team. We all have seen the Summit 2014 with joyful tears in my eyes at the World Championships. Germany is the new world champion.

Communicated by the national coach in an interview with the Badische Zeitung: “If anyone, deserves then this team” and “This deep feeling of happiness will remain forever”. His opinion are some of the most important ingredients for the recipe for world champion incredible team spirit, perfect skill and professionalism, as well as an immense willpower. Everyone has done its best. The well deserved victory has let all hearts beat Germany.

The coach is always

Joachim Löw national coach Jogi serious face

Joachim Löw is also a man with social responsibility. In his acceptance speech in Baden-Baden, Germany, when he was awarded the German media Prize, he said, “We should represent values with all conviction as integration – against racism and anti-Semitism, against violence and xenophobia.” He also named the German player “football playing Foreign Minister”. The team was a model in its multicultural composition. “We the human-centred, not its origin is,” Löw stressed.

Give important instructions

Joachim Löw Netherlands Germany European Championship 2012

Germany is celebrating the World Cup win 2014

Joachim Löw coach champion

World champion with style

Joachim Löw national coach of world champion with style

Have you ever wondered what is a private person behind this proud figure?

The national coach speaks rarely about his private life. We have found some still at There, he speaks in an interview about his fashion preferences and its vices. Löw loves spaghetti and red wine in particular Rioja, thriller and beige tones between your own four walls. His home is an oasis of peace, relaxation and leisure. Because he once read a good book, invite friends. There, he wants to feel just harmony and enjoy them together with his wife. He sounds like German music – Grönemeyer, Udo Jürgens, but also Cuban music and generally Latin American. His favorite perfumes are by Lagerfeld and Armani. Löw described as someone who eats lots of sweets – cakes, chocolate, ice cream, desserts.

Masculinity and determination

Joachim Löw Bundestrainer of elegant dress style

Confident and decided

Joachim Löw national coach Jogi honesty masculinity

Because we all can look forward only, that his contract was renewed until 2018 and we will continue to have a great coach. We are looking forward to ’em 2016 and keep our fingers crossed for the national team.

The exciting semi-finals in Brazil 2014

Joachim Löw semi-finals Brazil Germany

Serious voltage

Joachim Löw national coach Jogi überlegend over

Elegant observer

Joachim Löw thoughtful coach Jogi

With all my heart

Joachim Löw World Cup 2014 United States

All celebrate the well-deserved title of World Cup

Joachim Löw celebrate World Cup Brazil 2014

The national coach in action

Joachim Löw Budnestrainer world champion

Jogi has succeeded

Joachim Löw Jogi remains head coach

Last thoughts before the important game

Joachim Löw überlegend over national coach

Satisfied and proud

Joachim Löw stretched popular prominently Jogi

Look to the future with confidence

Joachim Löw Jogi sympathetic Ernst coach

Draw new strength through relaxation

Joachim Löw national coach Jogi holiday relaxation

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