Juniper Berry: Very Aromatic And Healthy

Juniper Berry essential oils Juniper application lifestyle

Juniper berries and their effect

You know, the low-growing Juniper provided us with healthy herbs? In recent years, it is used increasingly in aromatherapy. Learn more about how you can benefit from its magical properties. The Latin name is Juniperus.

Juniper branch with its blue fruit

Juniper shrub blue fruits Juniper effect

The juniper berries have a wide application

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The fruits

The fruits of Juniper, which probably many of you know well, grow directly on the branches. You picked them at the end of the summer. The Juniper fruits reminiscent of peas, and show a blue colour.

Fresh and dried juniper berries

juniper berries Juniper plant application effect

The Juniper fruits are healthy and flavorful

juniper berries health effects lifestyle

The basis for great drinks

In some regions of France, to use juniper berriesto make some special spirits.

Make drinks from Juniper fruits

juniper liquor application

In the hospitality industry

Juniper is known for its strong aroma and popular. It is used in the salmon Smokehouse and ham production.

Did you know that Juniper in the vanity production is used?

Juniper fruits gastronomy medicine application

Alternative to pepper

Sometimes, the juniper berries can be used as an alternative of pepper. You must crush them, so they spread their specific tastes. So cook delicious meals with wild and herb. The Juniper fruits are very suitable, because they promote digestion. Also steamed dishes, Marinades and wine sauces taste so very good.

Are other spices, which are combined with Juniper, thyme and Rosemary

Juniper use aromatherapy Juniper effect

Meet the Juniper effect

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Juniper in aromatherapy

The essential oil is extracted by a special type, and namely of Juniperus communis. To use it for promoting and strengthening the nervous system and General mental health. In addition, it has a soothing effect and counteracts many diseases, for example, it is beneficial for skin diseases or those in the bone system.

Also in the flavouring industry, Juniper has an application

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Aromas have a beneficial effect on the senses

Juniper use aromatherapy lifestyle

Emotional balance

Has been proven that the Juniper oil concern feelings and heartache pain sells. You feel more inner peace, satisfaction and peace. Mystics believe strengthen our energy field as a result.

The Juniper oil soothes

juniper berries Juniper effect aromatherapy medicine

The Juniper is a very useful plant

Juniper Bush fruits blue effect application

Juniper is a use in the medical treatment of prostate.

The low Juniper looks nice in combination with de kost

Juniper garden ground cover decorative stones design

Juniper is also used in medicine

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The Juniper plant

Juniper of trivia application different areas

Otherwise to the Juniper plant also used as decoration, to spice up the garden or home for Christmas.

Juniper bonsai is an attractive decoration for your home

decorative Juniper bonsai tree decorating

Juniper makes the garden look individual

Juniper garden plants garden beautify

Juniper combined with other plants, and so the window of outdoor decorating

Juniper decorative work combination flowers

The Juniper is perfectly suited for the Christmas wreath

juniper berries Pine Cone Christmas Wreath Christmas decoration

Combine Juniper and FIR

Juniper fir Christmas Wreath decorating Eingansgtür

The Juniper could be also a beautiful Christmas tree

juniper tree as a Christmas tree use