Know The Wasabi Plant And Knowledge How Healthy Is You?

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real Wasabi plant Asian dishes cooking with wasabi

Wasabi plant – the Green medicine

Do you like the sharp taste? Love it, all the more, when it comes in the form of delicious vegetable recipes on your table? Then do you know perhaps the Wasabi plant? If you have not enough clarity about it, then continue reading our article. Because here you will find useful info about the Japanese horseradish and a few tasty recipes that you can prepare with the Wasabi plant. And worthwhile in any case, for any such type of food brings also many health benefits.

Like that looks really Wasabi plant from?

What is the real Wasabi plant off

Known as Wasabi or even Japanese horseradish

real Wasabi plant edible root

Why spicy food is healthy?

We start with the good properties which the sharp taste anyway brings with it. You are all also on the Wasabi plant. Sharp is working against the formation of cancer cells, prevents sinus infections, soothes the stomach and reduces body fat. Even when joint pain, the sharp taste help very much.

Focus is healthy

cook with wasabi plant Asian dishes spicy food

Spicy Soup with wasabi

Asian dishes sharp cook with wasabi plant

Inspired by the wealth of Japanese cuisine

Asian dishes to cook with wasabi plant

Wasabi and sushi

Many people who do not often eat sushi, remember the large differences in our experience. But what most almost always in memory remains, is the great taste of from Wasabi plant prepared sauce. This is preferred, because in contrast to the sharp peppers, receptors in the nose and on the tongue are enabled as a result.

Sushi is traditionally served with wasabi and ginger

Wasabi plant Asian sushi meal

These two spices give the typical sushi taste

Wasabi plant Asian dishes Wasabi sushi meal

More about the Wasabi plant itself

Well, it looks like this great plant deserves a bit more attention. It is perennial and reaches a height of 45 cm. It is a spice plant that is very hard to maintain. She can grow well only in five regions of Japan. The Wasabi plant in swampy terrain along the mountain rivers can be found in nature. The real Wasabi plant needs special conditions. You need running water and temperature around 15 degrees. Therefore, it calls for the Wasabi plant also a very high price. That would be 250 euro per kilo.

The Wasabi plant thrives well in running water

Wasabi plants Asian dishes Wasabi plantation Japan

Wasabi on the market in Japan

Wasabi many plants on the market in Asia

These parts of the Wasabi plant are edible

Wasabi plant Asian dishes Wasabi blade root

Rub Wasabi root

Wasabi plant Asian dishes Wasabi friction

Wasabi is available in Europe as a powder or paste

Asian dishes Wasabi Wasabi powder

More about the healthy effect of the Wasabi plant

The Wasabi plant has an effective antiseptic effect. Also you can counteract the asthma and various bacteria thus. You could thus detoxify your body and take very much vitamin C. Also a positive influence on the following diseases:

Inflammation of sinusitis
General cold
Avoid the formation of caries
Reports formation in the blood
Proliferation of bad cancer cells

How healthy is Wasabi?

Wasabi plants Asian dishes Wasabi

The bad news

Unfortunately we have to disappoint you now easily. The Wasabi, which we know from most restaurants, is made from a plant with a relative character. Wasabi itself is too expensive for most. So you can only benefit from the health benefits, if you order the real Wasabi plant, the rather expensive and eaten only in high-class restaurants can be.

Rolling shutter with lax and wasabi leaves

Wasabi Asian dishes of salmon Wasabiblatt

Gazpacho cucumber and wasabi

cook with wasabi cucumber Wasabi gazpacho

Spicy guacamole with some Wasabi

Scharf Acocado Wasabi dishes to cook with wasabi

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