Körpersprache – How Important Is It For Us To Master?

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Body language tips will make you instantly more popular

We send signals to the people around us every day and we are not even aware about. Everything is one of communication. Even the manner, as you move your eyes, influenced the perception of the others about you.

If we learn more about the body language, we can make us popular much with a little effort. Want to learn more?

A straight, but not exaggerated posture makes you much more confident

body language Stlleung pose position model

Stand up straight, but at the same time relaxed work

Your legs on the width of your hips must be standing up. So are just as it gets. You need to stretch out even as far as possible to the top. Imagine that someone with a wire pulling you upwards. Maintain this position, but relax your shoulder. Release the tension in the neck area. Tilt the head so that you can see the conversation partner straight in the eye.

Shoulder blades go together and stretch the neck

body language Stlleung pose position Ballet Yoga

Try the belly

All who have intensely driven sports, know that you should keep the belly always tense. In some sports, this area is called “Power House”. If your stomach is strong, then we’re good in General. We are more confident and all movements look very elegant. This is a body language, which immediately brings the excitement of the other people.

The naturalness WINS. Be yourself

body language reading comprehension examples smile

It counts, as you enter a room

The body language when you enter a room is really crucial.  You need to work so consciously and as far as possible in a timely manner. If you do it all right, committed error will be may then not so bad.

In many cultures, the body expression is an important part of the education

body language Stlleung pose position education smile you

Also if you had fear or have a bad day, you should not therefore able to punish innocent people. Smile when you arrive somewhere. Show that you enjoy to have arrived. It calms the others and make popular where a lot.

Self reflection and serenity will help you to feel better

body language smile Ehrlich charm adorable

Pay attention to all those present

You must not super loud welcome or take half an hour to the shaking hands. You can also show all present you have to memorize them. Eye contact combined with smile would be enough.

Healthy distance and eye contact are important rules of communication

body language reading comprehension examples par

Greet the people as if they were good friends

When unknown people you should expect better, that they are nice and friendly. Greet everyone with this setting in the head. You feel such openness and she immediately reflected in body language.

Strengthen your children and teach them, to believe in themselves

body language reading comprehension examples smile

Solid and gently shaking hands

Shake hands firmly, but gently. Through this body language, you show affection and respect at the same time.

Focus on the person with whom you speak

It may be that there is a particularly interesting and important partner in the region. However concentrate on these, which you just talk. If you talk with someone and nervously look in the other direction, you leave a positive impression at any of the two persons.

Communication theory in the practice of media and public

body language reading comprehension examples TV broadcast

Take open posture

Anything that is hit over – hands, legs, arms, indicates reticence. Unlearn this posture. By the way, that is also good for your health. In women the cellulite forms easier proposed than legs.

It should you become aware what signals you unconsciously send

body language reading body signals

Bend down and give way with style

When you stoop, or bend, do it with style. The back must remain as straight as possible. If you need to bend deeply bend your knees also. This is important both for women and for men.

So how do you yourself perceive, so the world perceives you also

body language reading comprehension examples Selbstbewuisst be

The facial expression

Focus on the good things in all situations. Let appear the joy out of the newly discovered benefits on your face.

It’s only a game

Body language can replace not the good setting.

If you try but the body language to hide your negative feelings, that doesn’t work. At least not in the long run.

You make social contacts and positive emotions shine

body language reading understanding friends

Still, it is important that you think only of the body language. Successful communication is that, which shows an interest for the other people. If you concentrate on the contact person, feels he’s intuitive and like them automatically more. If you are afraid all the time that you were doing something wrong, you look stiff. Then all rules of the world do not help.

Have fun communicating. And not to take it seriously: it is a kind of game but ultimately.

It is not so different than in nature

body language reading comprehension examples birds

Enjoy life and not much to think about!

body language Stlleung pose position close to

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