Ladies Jacket: Choose The Right Coat For Your Body

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Bussinessmode ladies jacket elegant Womens Blazer models

Choose the right coat for your body

The jacket is one of the compulsory pieces of clothing for the women’s wardrobe. No matter in which areas we move, it’s again and again, to attract one. But some women don’t like it. That may be only because they found not the right model for themselves.

The jacket in the closet of business women

Bussinessmode elegant ladies jacket Brown womens clothing

Because there are suitable models for each character. There are four main lines in the jackets and this related to the silhouette of the ladies. They each emphasize the advantages and hide the disadvantages of a figure.

Victoria Beckham – a successful woman

elegant Bussinessmode ladies jacket womens clothing Victoria Beckham

The following lines will help you to determine your figure type in order to be able to buy a matching jacket. In advance, we would like to remind you that our bodies are individually. Some can represent a combination of two types. The characteristics can be more or less pronounced, depending in what for a physical shape you are currently.

Ladies jacket in bright green

Bussinessmode ladies jacket green womens clothing

Hourglass silhouette

Approximately at this silhouette, the shoulders and the hips are the same width. The thinner the waist, more pronounced the line. The ladies have with such a figure as objective, to make the shoulders look not so wide. If you do this, they look graceful.  To do this, the models of jackets with clean lines are suitable. In the part of the shoulder, there should be fewer details. Still, darker shades and more elastic materials are preferable.

You can combine as a jacket with blouse from a light fabric and pants made of soft fabrics

Bussinessmode ladies jacket beige womens clothing

V-shaped figure

In this case, the ladies have broad shoulders and her hips are thin and straight. For them to find a balance, you should emphasize the lower part of the body. Therefore, the models with a wide portion of the belt and in flashy colors are especially suitable. The monochrome parts emphasize even more the disadvantages of the figure.

The jacket should be continued close and it should be taken as openly as possible. This also contributes to the Visual spread of the shoulder area.

Classic business clothes, women’s

Bussinessmode ladies jacket black elegant womens clothing

Silhouette in the form of a PEAR

The pear shape silhouette ladies have very wide hips and very narrow shoulders. The jacket must emphasize the volumes in the shoulders. The belt should be emphasized and the hips should work as closely as possible. Straight pants are most suitable.

Black jacket with white blouse – a classic combination

ladies H & M jacket black elegant sporty with white top

Oblong or rectangular

Rectangular or oblong published silhouettes are the next main group, who is here to discuss it. They say this is the body that is the easiest way to style. Here, everything is symmetrical and the most classic shapes look good. The only thing to note is that the belt should work more closely. So you have a female. Select a jacket, which emphasizes your belt area.

Tight blouses and additional belt are very apt in this case

ladies jacket blue sporty elegant womens clothing Scandinavian styleladies jacket blue athletic wide tailored womens clothing

Well tailored models are the trend

Bussinessmode ladies jacket white sporty elegant womens clothing

Elegant women’s suit in white

ladies jacket white modern current womens clothing

Jacket with exceptional sleeves

ladies jacket white sporty elegant Bussinessmode ladies

Stylish on the go

current Bussinessmode ladies show jacket Brown womens clothing

Ladies tweed jacket for winter

Bussinessmode ladies jacket yellow Womens pencil skirt

Bussinessmode ladies jacket yellow womens clothing

Bussinessmode ladies jacket yellow elegant womens clothingBussinessmode ladies jacket grey piped pockets black womens clothing

ladies jacket black athletic combined with white shirt

Bussinessmode ladies jacket elegant womens clothingBussinessmode ladies jacket Steuerwagen womens clothingBussinessmode ladies jacket pink womens clothingBussinessmode ladies jacket pink womens clothingBussinessmode ladies jacket white elegant womens clothingcasual womens clothing ladies show jacket brown leather pantsladies jacket beige elegant short waisted womens clothing

elegant Bussinessmode ladies jacket womens clothing Womens suitladies jacket blue elegant sporty combined with jeans

ladies jacket blue modern zip womens clothingladies jacket blue modern without lapel women's fashionladies blue black short jacket without collar womens clothing

ladies jacket yellow elegant short without lapel womens clothingladies jacket yellow elegant short waisted womens clothingladies jacket grey with black lapels womens clothingladies jacket grey stark fitted with reverse women's fashionladies jacket light blue elegant sporty Womensweartop shop ladies jacket white elegant Bussinessmode ladies

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