Lady Bag – What Size And What Model To Your Best Fit

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Which is the ideal Lady bag for you

Today, we do not write the fashionable trends in the women’s bags. There is a more practical aspect. We discuss the rules of successful selection that always apply.

Small or large bag?

When should a small and when carrying a large bag, is a fine thing, you should remember. Voluminous dresses and rough materials, select prefer large handbag. Also small pockets fits the fine clothes. The wrong combinations are inappropriate.

Make sure that the style

A strict Pocket does not match the romantic outfit. Rather, choose a different shape. Mix not the styles.


It is no longer mandatory that shoes and ladies bags have the same or similar colors. However, you should be careful that you combine too many colors. To colorful dresses let bad mate with an also colorful Lady handbag.

The Lady bag – the indispensable accessory of every woman

lady handbag womens clothing fall fashion fashion trends trench coat designer bag

Still, it is important that the Lady bag with clothing contrasts.

The choice of the Lady bag and your figure

If they are small and have a few kilos too much, so the big women’s bag certainly not very well suits you. Also very slim ladies don’t look good with big pockets.

Find the perfect women’s bag for you!

Lady bag lady fashion casual elegant sweater Sandals leather nude colors

The great women not especially look good with small pockets. So you should have several medium-sized bags and one or two that are elegant and perfect fit to your figure.

Make a practical choice

What do you wear around all to themselves? Choose a lady handbag that matches your habits. How often do you, in the restaurant or a cocktail?  What must you carry about with them? Realistically ask yourself these questions and decide what Lady handbag for you will be most appropriate.

CACAS elegance leather in a pleasant Cognac color

hang bag lady fashion casual elegant blouse jeanshose Leather hanging bag

Small, but nice in green

Lady bag lady fashion casual elegant white coat Sandals green leather bag small

Extravagant designer bag in neon-yellow

womens clothing casual jeanshose coat small pocket neon yellow

Cool outfit for the beginning of summer

womens clothing casual elegant frühlingsmode black leather case

Two-coloured sophistication with swing

womens clothing casual elegant trends fashion leather bag black

Casual fashion at the highest level

lady bag lady fashion of casual fashion urban style cowboy pants matel black leather bag

You can vote the bag with your shell or coat colour

hang bag lady fashion casual yellow coat small designer bag

Play with styles and colours!

Lady bag Womens of casual leather bag fashion trends

Or get the desired designer piece as highlight of your outfit

hang bag Womens of casual leather pants small designer bag louis vuitton pink coat

In fashion as in love almost everything is allowed

Lady bag lady fashion casual urban style black leather bag converse sports shoes

hang bag Womens of casual leather jacket black balerinas rock slope bag small

Combine passionate red with chic Leopard pattern shoes

womens clothing casual red rock elegant leather jacket black

Or rather are on fringe suede leather?

hang bag lady fashion of casual suede fringe black small hanging bag

Large leather bags are the absolute hit in summer

hang bag lady fashion of casual summer fashion summer dress fashion trens leather bag cognac color

Of course, you need also a chic little bag for your next party

Lady bag lady fashion jeanshose top small bag pattern

lady bag casual trends black leather bag

lady handbag womens clothing designer large black leather bag

Lady handbag womens clothing designer bags fashion trends

lady bag lady fashion elegant clothing dress coat leather bag

lady bag lady fashion elegant dresses fashion trends black leather bag

lady bag lady fashion elegant dress, white sheath small leather bag

modetrends Lady bag lady fashion fashion designer bag

hang bag lady fashion small designer bag blue

Lady handbag Womens small leather bag design fashion trends

Lady handbag womens clothing small red leather bag red coat black pants Hat ankle boots

Lady bag lady fashion summer fashion of casual clothing

hang bag lady fashion summer trend blue dress summer dress small leather bag

lady handbag womens clothing summer trends summer dress blue white designer bag

small red hanging Pocket casual womens clothing

Lady bag medium elegant womens clothing official outfit

medium leather bag of rok boots fringe

Lady bag medium small models of casual womens clothing

medium leather bag black rock ankle boots

medium-sized modern shorts white blouse Womens summer fashion

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