Last Minute New Year’s Eve – Our Tips At The Turn Of The Year 2016/2017

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And at once… new year’s Eve is already upon us! For some again whole unerwartet…oder? Just don’t panic! Even if you are also the very spontaneous, last minute, everything can be still quite adjusted. Here a few we last minute new year’s Eve tips for your “night between the years”. The new year is perceived by most of us always symbolically as a new beginning and therefore to make themselves often, as more pleasant and interesting to spend the new year’s Eve evening. Some are looking for the loudest and most exclusive parties, others book an exotic trip already months ago and again others organize nice events in one’s own community or in the family and circle of friends. No matter how one Decides also, one thing is clear: You want to feel good and be happy. Basically the attitude – rest helps keep, stay relaxed and have no to great expectations! Drop up and enjoy the moment itself! The may be a bit “Zen” sound, but is always true in principle.


And all of a sudden desire to travel. Just so. And now just before noon? Well, new year’s Eve travel are anyway already in the trend. It is also not really necessary to spend very much money. Of course it would be wonderful to feel the warm sun on the skin anywhere on the Maldives or on the Canary Islands to new year and to admire the azure waters, the best and the cheapest deals for these coveted destinations are already fully booked. Best leaving this exotic for a later time and focused offers on the last minute in this country.

last-minute new year's Eve party berlin 2017

How about a new year’s Eve party in Berlin? The city needs you now anyway more than usual. This unique metropolis has to offer everyone a lot. Experience a spectacular party event in one of the most famous locations Berlin like for example the old coin on Alex, the “Cosmos” in Friedrichshain or the Academy lounge at Potsdamer Platz. You can of course also outdoors marvel at the magnificent fireworks at midnight directly at the Brandenburg Gate or if you want to escape the crowds of people something, visit the quieter areas within and near the main town. K√∂penick, Frohnau and of course Potsdam are our ultimate favorites.

Dance evening or a themed party at home

If you this time but do not want to travel and have no desire for large parties, but nevertheless beautiful celebrate would, you throw yourself a last minute themed party. Why not? Check out times, which your friends and acquaintances are still available for new year’s Eve and organize nice home event a fun. “The Great Gatsby” is an always preferred theme for a romantic nostalgic themed party. Because everything looks simply quite festive and exclusive and it fits to the new year’s Eve just fabulous.

last-minute new year's Eve party great gatsby ideas

Playful to celebrate the new year

With friends is a fun game night also among our favorites. This makes is quite old-fashioned organizing popular board games – Monopoli, taboo and co. A lot is laughed and smiled. All are present and all have fun. A delicious fondue dinner and the traditional Molybdomancy belong also literally.

last-minute new year's Eve ideas dinner party fondue

For this of you who want to have more desire to play and not to stay at home, of course also more numerous entertainment and game issues offer themselves. So according to the motto: “New year, new luck”!

The new year’s Eve walk

Yes, there’s the. Officially organized in many towns and cities. You can also totally private company but as a new year’s Eve walk. Romantic twosome or in a larger group you can climb quite relaxed as a hilly place near shortly before midnight with torch in hand and Sektchen in your pocket, where you can enjoy the best views of the fireworks. Depending on the locality and region are also Beach and lake shore and also forests for your walk experience new year’s Eve.

last-minute new year's Eve ideas snow skiing

Last minute new year’s Eve – information sources

Worth also definitely a last look in the city magazine, events calendar and also on the Internet just before new year’s Eve, because many community offer great new year’s Eve paths with Fireworks, concerts and dance classes. So have even last minute great opportunity on a stylish and exciting new year’s Eve night.

So, no new year’s Eve stress! Remain calm and enjoy the Festival. It is the many nights of your life and not the only one also ultimately only one. You can celebrate new year’s Eve in a big city or a village, in an idyllic mountain cottage or on the beach, in the Alps or in the Canary Islands. But, the people are the most important thing. If you surround yourself with your loved ones, travel with friends or with your life partner together on new year’s Eve, that’s half the battle.

In this sense: Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

last-minute new year's Eve party ideas friends champagne

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