Latest Fashion Trends For The Coming Autumn 2015

current fashion trends autumn winter 2015

Inform about latest fashion trends for the coming autumn/winter season

Be not too sad that the autumn comes. Namely, he brings many magical fashion trends. They are full of momentum and rich, bold colors. Great dresses make it sure to appease that warm weather is over the pain.

So you enjoy the soon-arriving new season.

Connect the new trends to old

In addition to the great lines and nuances, the new trends bring even more advantages. They are very practical and therefore cheap. Clothes and accessories from the new autumn/winter connect collections very well past fashion trends. You give us so much freedom to create great combinations of new and old things. Believe us: just this property will make you look still more original and fresh in winter.

Lovely style mix for the coming autumn

Dona Karen's current fashion trends autumn collection sweater pants

Black about make it right

You can combine the business look with sporty and comfortable trends. In autumn, when it’s not too cold, put on athletic shoes made a noble and elegant-looking fabric together with a chic black dress. Instead, great jeans with a simple, yet elegant sweater would be allowed. The last should be best also in black.

We must never forget the little black dress

current fashion trends Dona Karen black short dress

Take less

Designer have been really hard for the season, in order to make the life more comfortable. The shoes are just one of the many aspects that can be noted in this regard.

The double use of the clothes is always modern. We take about the sweaters as an example. You are in the previous autumn, when it is not so cold, to use at the same time as upper part and accessory. In the morning you can drag them normally.

If it gets too hot it yet at lunchtime or in the Office, they can be processed as an accessory to the neck

current fashion trends sweater accessories dress shoes

Donna Karen and the belt in the form of short skirts

It will link much in the upcoming autumn/winter season, what appeared before cannot be combined. About the longing that pairs after the short elastic skirts in retro style and romantic trends of long dresses. Donna Karen has in her new dress collections combined and yet to do this successfully.The skirts are in the form of belts to the stomach.

They provide comfortable being and a very elegant appearance

current fashion trends grey dress elegant

The long gloves

You can now join long elegant gloves that reach higher than your wrist, on your way to the Office. They are long, elegant and sensual. This season they are considered even more serious. If are not good news for the ladies, which attracted always again happy to great!

An extra dash of elegance

current fashion trends Dona Karen collection autumn beige dress

Luxury comes from different music styles

Luxury and upscale fashion have different faces. Great dresses can look sporty or elegant glittering. Unfortunately, you could combine them so far hardly if they were too different. This is the case but no longer! Now this is possible, because now comes the luxury of the different styles! You can combine a wide sweater with a glittering rock.

So elegant and sporty at the same time, or?

current fashion trends Dona Karen sport shoes grey top long skirt

The timeless Houndstooth pattern is of course again

current fashion trends Dona Karen tight pants black boots

Modern femininity with masculine overtones

current trends of fashion Dona Karen Plaid tops shirt elegant shoes

Simple, long dresses are definitely the trend

current fashion trends Dona Karen Lange dresses cobalt blue

The black as one of the most elegant colors is on the rise again

current fashion trends autumn 2015 dress black