Legendary Watches: These Four Models Inspire For Decades

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There are clocks and watches: show all the time, but some have an aura darüјber addition, tell stories and are considered sought-after cult objects. After we have presented seven recommended entry-level models for under 500 euros, we want to see this time in the higher price ranges.

Omega Seamaster: This diver’s watch went down in the history

In the 1940s up the 1960s there was a real boom in the diver’s watches: the manufacturer in “above all Rolex and Omega” outdone himself with more druckfesteren models. The Seamaster by Omega established with numerous innovations: 1948 “before the first Rolex Submariner” Omega introduced the first model in the series and had an economic hit directly. It characterized by a particular robustness, without losing elegance. The Seamaster 300 model from 1957, even more than 20 bar was then novel double Crown seals and a very thick glass. Even today, is still considered one of the most sought after watches the Seamaster by Omega and enjoys among collectors of absolute cult status.

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Men’s watches – Tutima military chronograph: the watch of the Bundeswehr

Also virtually indestructible chronograph is the military of the Saxon local glassworks of originating manufacturer Tutima. She went as NATO and Bundeswehr watch in the history of watchmaking. Some designs such as the Titan Flieger Chronograph are among the rarest military watches at all and are therefore coveted collectibles at auctions and on online marketplaces like Chrono24. The model is designed to work in most adverse conditions such as heat, pressure and magnetic fields continue to reliably. Moreover, military and pilot watches must be chronograph even in stress situations readable and usable as the Tutima military. This timepiece is ideal to operate also with gloves and features a compact design: to reduce the risk of injury, were all corners and edges are rounded and the pushers “as often found on Chronographs in addition to the Crown” deeply sunk into the housing.

rolex daytona watches watches gents

Rolex Daytona: The most coveted clock in the world

In this overview should also the Rolex Daytona: the racing clock, named after the world famous race in Daytona Beach, is considered the world’s most sought-after watch. As focus in this article explained, she was initially even more unpopular and was regarded as a shopkeeper. Only acting legend and 60s years style icon Paul Newman helped her to her current fame. He wore black and white dial and discreet red “Daytona” version became a cult now-lettering. For an authentic Paul Newman Daytona, record prices are achieved nowadays. But other versions are always quickly sold out “so the models by 2016: interest on the clock is so overwhelming that no more queues will be handled.” Instead be the buyer “come out”, as the world online reported.

patek long moenneruhren men's Watches

Men’s Watches – Patek Philippe Calatrava: the epitome of elegance

Much like Rolex, Patek Philippe is a Swiss watch manufacturer of upper class, whose Modelle in auctions regularly ensuring record revenues. The model of Calatrava is among collectors as the epitome of elegance and sense of style. The dial of this dress watch is extremely reduced in contrast to the previously presented timepieces and the design very subtly. The name of the model is back on a Spanish military order. Whose coat of arms consisting of four lilies has prevailed as a company logo by Patek Philippe and graces around the crowns of the elegant timepiece. Thus, the model for the corporate myth of the manufacturer plays a crucial role.

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Photo credits: Flickr vintage Omega Seamaster Guy CC BY-SA 2.0 some rights reserved

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