LEGO Games In The Concept Of A Good Step To Do

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LEGO games President

LEGO games as a sustainable alternative for our children

The education of children is a very important element regarding the change to the eco-friendly thinking. The makers of LEGO have probably understood games. You have decided to forego the plastic in the production of the popular building blocks. To afford this, they invested more than $150 million in the development of innovative, sustainable materials.

Now, after the model of major companies also LEGO invested in processing

LEGO games dump

LEGO cooperates with the organisation WWF

LEGO games cooperation WWF LEGO

What is the money invested?

The Danish company invested this large sum into a Center for sustainable materials. About 100 people are set in this. They deal mainly with research in this area.

The prospect for achieving the desired results appears realistic. You can start most likely in 2030, to produce the LEGO pieces only from sustainable materials.

The LEGO bricks made of better materials are produced from 2030

LEGO games child's play

Now the value processing of materials not only in the game will happen

LEGO games processing In the game

Cooperation with other companies

The sustainable setting of the LEGO manufacturers seems very seriously in all respects. For the many collaborations, to which, the LEGO to supply manufacturers speak.

Significantly, the cooperation of LEGO is certainly company with WWF. It was topped with an official document in 2013. The new production of LEGO is a consequence of the collaboration of the company with WWF also games with sustainable materials. For this they decided to sign a new contract between the two this year.

Currently, much emphasis is placed on the research with recyclables

LEGO games processing plastic

Most likely the LEGO pieces in the future will not look different from

LEGO games stones primary colors

What are the sustainable materials?

Jørgen Vig Knudstorp is the Managing Director of LEGO. In his statements, he shows a profound understanding, what sustainable materials at all. Many are the factors that may prove negative for the environment in the long run. Important are the ingredients in a material, the nature of its production, as well as the possibilities for its processing after use. All of these stages of the manufacturing and recycling must find a sustainable solution. Otherwise, a product with a clear conscience can be considered environmentally friendly.

The manufacturer of the LEGO games firmly believe that environmentally friendly production is feasible. It also confirmed their substantial investment.

Becoming more and more the environment is thought to overproduction

LEGO games processing follow-through

High prices and always cheaper production does not remain without consequences

LEGO games stones stained

The complete handling of recyclable materials must be thought to urgently

LEGO games processing tree

Even more companies to join it on the example of LEGO

LEGO games processing bridge

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