“Let’s Dance” Juror MOTSI Mabuse – A Passionate Dancer

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Interesting facts about MOTSI Mabuse and the love of your life

MOTSI Mabuse was born in 11.04.1981 in South Africa. Her parents moved to Pretoria, where she successfully graduated from high school. She always had a passion for dancing. But she studied law, later to be able to take over her father’s law firm.

MOTSI Mabuse

celebrities MOTSI Mabuse dancing Diva

Then came the fate in the game and certain it differently. The dancing has changed the lives of MOTSI Mabuse. She gave up her law studies in favour of her dance career.

A dancing Diva

MOTSI Mabuse hot yellow mini dress

She was runner-up in their country in 1998. A year later she met her future husband. It was Timo Kulczak. This happened during the events of Blackpool Dance Festival. So she came up with 18 years after Germany.

Jury member MOTSI Mabuse dances with Evgenij Voznyuk in the TV show “let’s dance”

jury member MOTSI Mabuse dances with Evgenij Voznyuk

The love story

Timo and MOTSI Mabuse tell very much about their love story and particularly how they are met. Clay Garcia from the Netherlands was outside and had made a lot of noise. Both looked out of their Windows, to see what happened there.

The loving couple happy about their love story

MOTSI Mabuse Dessingstars celebrities

You’ve seen immediately and talk for 3 minutes. But then other people at the hotel complained they should be quiet now. The whole thing is a bit childish and compel, both indicate if they talk about it. What happened at the end is that they changed their phone number.

The missed flight

It was clear that look both on the 18th of December at 10: 00. Timo was very nervous and waiting at the agreed point. But MOTSI missed their flight. Then she called and said that she missed her flight. Both fell and have decided to go dancing together. There she started to dance socially. Liked them and they were also in the life of a couple.

Timo Kulczak and MOTSI Mabuse

prominent Timo Kulczak and MOTSI Mabuse hot

Actually, this was a fateful meeting in all respects for MOTSI. She was at that time almost decided to quit dancing forever. She was not satisfied with her previous partner. Still, she wanted to focus more on your studies. But together with Timo, her passion for dancing woke up again. Thanks to his company, she decided progress to dance.

A passionate dancer

Euro Dance Festival 2012 MOTSI Mabuse hot

Common career MOTSI and Timo

There was a boost in their shared history of glorious after their joint appearance in the black and white Club Pforzheim started. They were Germany’s champion in the category of Latin American dances in the years 2009 and 2010. They have withdrawn after ten years of successful career from the scene. They didn’t do this from the scene, but from dancing.

Since 2011 MOTSI Mabuse adopts “let’s dance” part, she now sits on the jury. And certainly it forges new plans for the future!

“Let’s dance” jury member

Jorge Gonzalez, MOTSI Mabuse and Joachim Llambi

Jorge Gonzalez, MOTSI Mabuse and Joachim Llambi

MOTSI Mabuse Dessingstars celebrities

10 points for MOTSI

let S dance of the RTL dance show MOTSI Mabuse

A charming and very talented Lady

the beautiful MOTSI Mabuse dances

Elegantly styled

MOTSI Mabuse Christian Augustin / GALA

In a romantic purple dress

MOTSI Mabuse the Raffaello summer day 2012

Self-conscious in front of the camera

prominent MOTSI Mabuse hot

MOTSI and Sylvie

the jury members Sylvie van der Vaart and MOTSI Mabuse

jury member MOTSI Mabuse

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