Lion Zodiac And Astrology In Hervorsagt

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Autumn horoscope zodiac sign Leo

The coming autumn is successful for people who are born under the zodiac sign of Leo. So the horoscope. Actually, the term was just slightly too weak! Umhauende achievements are in sight! This is due to the increased work of the Lions. And as we know, the potential of the Lions in this regard is really great. You develop many of their practical properties in the autumn. Most of you dominate then the multitasking better. Financial stability also accompanied the Lions this season.

Lion people must adapt to an exciting autumn

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Unexpected events with colleagues, customers, and business partners

Nothing is perfect. The lion horoscope provides a heyday for yourself. You experience but at the same time unexpected turn in the lives of colleagues, business partners and customers. Here they occur are really ill-prepared. This includes terminations, parades and similar unexpected events. As a result, Lions feel certain disharmony.

Be careful because it can happen surprises

Zodiac lion events

Enjoy your peace of mind and protect your privacy

Zodiac lion private life

To big spending are possible

Because of their success of the sign of the Zodiac Leo believe workplace quickly, they may enjoy more spending. If you overdo it, you could quickly get into trouble.

Look better on the money before it’s too late

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A person is particularly important for them in the fall

This fall, a man with the zodiac sign Leo, Aries or Sagittarius plays an important role in the fate of the Lions. He may come from their professional as well as from the personal environment. The affected projects will come from the business or professional area.

Men at the ripe old age can become embroiled in scandals

Zodiac lion romance

New people

The energy with which you can do your work, will attract new people to the people of the lion star sign. You will expand your contacts significantly.

Protect the private area

According to the horoscope the Lions tend this fall season, too many honest talks. Be sure, to better protect the privacy of their own and to keep important secrets.

A new acquaintance is possible

Zodiac lion acquaintance

Men over 35 should be ready for romance

Not the younger, but the older lion men experience exciting love stories in the next few months… This experience will be refreshing and welcome for the unmarried.

You get to someone know and especially appreciate this person

Zodiac lion particularly important


The period this fall is not easy for the zodiac sign Leo. You should set yourself to unexpected turn and many difficulties.  At the same time, all Löwe-will have representatives about the power to get over everything and to make significant progress.

On the work you expect news

Zodiac lion work

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