Lips Make-up – Original Schminktipps By Andrea Reed

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Lips make-up – unusual ideas, how to create an extravagant makeup for the lips

Makeup does wonders. This is undisputed. We all have convinced us of the power of the Makeups several times. Makeup helps us to achieve the desired vision for a special occasion. And his role is also the leader in everyday life. But we wish to draw your attention to it today as an in the industry of make up artists has painted her lips working woman. We introduce Andrea Reed and makeup ideas. It comes to nontraditional manner, as you can your lips make-up . Have we aroused your interest?

Lips make-up – honeycomb the lips draw

lips make-up andrea reed honnig shades of Brown

Lips make-up – yellow flowers look gorgeous on pale pink lips

makeup tips andrea reed lips pink yellow flowers

Probably you several times the make-up of well known make up artists impressed and surprised. Andrea Reed’s makeup ideas awaken but quite contradictory feelings in us. This makeup seems provocative on the one hand, on the other hand she can be regarded as true art. As a make up artist creates masterpieces on the lips. Have you ever seen such drawings on lips, such as the work of Andrea Reed? Tartan lips ever seen? This is no problem for the make up artists. Lips that look as leaves? Andrea Reed also masterfully can do. Check yourself, by looking at the exciting photo gallery, which immediately follows!

Tartan lips – an original work of art on your own lips

lips make-up andrea reed retro motifs red

Fresh green lips, which mimic leaves

lips make-up andrea reed leaf green lips

Colored lips, which arouse interest

makeup tips andrea reed colored lips

Under the name girl grey beauty Andrea Reed creates unique works of art on the lips. It’s easy to see why she has so many followers in Instagram as a make up artist.

Forest pattern with black ornaments

lips make-up andrea reed forest motifs black ornaments

This creative art work on the lips fascination evokes in you?

Schminken tips andrea reed lips make-up pink gold color combine

What do you think about the art of this make up artist – representative? This inspired you to, as you make-up for Halloween or Carnival? Surely something interesting is a you like, or?

About extravagant decision, showing a bee on the lips, but especially artfully occurs

lips make-up andrea reed bee

Dark lips with gloss

lips make-up andrea reed shiny blue shades

Snow image makes the lips look unique

lips make-up snow blue white andrea reed

Dark blue lips with jigsaw puzzle effect

makeup tips andrea reed blue

See the artwork by close

Schminken tips andrea reed lips blue puzzle

Seductive lips in red with black outline

makeup tips andrea reed red seductive lips

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