Live Healthy – Tips On How To Listen To His Body

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joy of living live healthy tips

Your body tells you “Live healthy” – learn to listen!

Our cells respond to all our thoughts and words… Because more and more people in this world seem to believe. Seen in this way, we are probably also responsible for the emerging diseases in our body for the most part. Our body gives us also constantly signals, what we can do to avoid them. The problem is that we have not learned to listen to them.

Listen to the signals of your body

live healthy lifestyle back pain

Look at the old people! Are their faces not a reproduction of the experiences that they had in their life? “Living healthy” can with many synonymous expressions be “translated”. For example – “live healthyby you learn to recognize the signs of your body”. You get some basic tips from us now. We leave the rest to you. Each of us has the ability actually in itself.

Hair and power

The hair is a sign of our strength. If we feel intense fear, we have a feeling of Petrification in the shoulders. You goes through the neck to the head. We get the whole thing in the eyes and the head to feel in General. Also the hair follicles will be greatly affected. Both women and men this can lead to a strong hair loss.

Have beautiful hair

mainly healthy beautiful hair women

Worry about the health of your hair

hair hair loss live healthy avoid

Hair loss occurs in the women

live healthy hair loss reasons women

Prevent hair loss

live healthy hair loss men tips


The principle of “Main thing healthy” has also found an external appearance. If you have problems with the ears, then you have a problem, to listen to others and to understand them. Pain in the ears showing that you are extremely irritated them, get what you listen to. In children, this is very pronounced. You have to listen to so many things and are not capable of doing something sensible, so that things can be better.

Healthier living

live healthy hair lifestyle trends tips

Eyes and the real look

If we have problems with the eyes, then we refuse something metaphysical level to see. It can be a property in us or in our lives.

The real look

live healthy healthy body beautiful hair

Head pain

Live healthy, to avoid headaches, means that we need to do things that cause us to feel adequate. Ask yourself next time, if you feel pain, whether you feel humiliated. Stop and try to see why this is probably so. People who want to be perfect, and those who have accumulated much anger in their lives have migraine.

Which is the real reason for the headache?

mainly healthy reasons headache

Fight the headache

mainly healthy life headache migraine

Neck and neck

The area of the neck and neck is very interesting. If we have problems here, especially in the neck, it may be that we are not flexible enough. We succeed in just not the people around us around well enough to understand. We insist too much on a view.

What is the pain in the neck?

mainly healthy neck pain lifestyle

Problems with the neck speak that we believe to have no right. If you have a throat cold, then you are also uncertain and confused. Laryngitis means that we are so annoyed that we literally do not speak.

The problems with the neck

mainly healthy neck lifestyle trends

All of our creation energy is located in the neck. Generally, neck problems mean that we could not develop this energy for the one or the other reason. All changes in our life go through this part of the body. “Main thing healthy” means in this case that we can accept conversions and changes.


The back supports the entire system of our body. Back problems show that you feel not stable and will find no support. Life in healthy shape means to place emphasis not so much on the material things, but to rely on family and pleasure. No, you need to understand that the universe at your side is.

Get severe back pain in the workplace

mainly healthy life office computer back pain

If you hurt the back at the top, then the problems of emotional nature. In the middle part, one feels guilt. You are afraid of something, because hide something? Do you feel, someone would have you been back?

The long sitting on the Chair causes uncomfortable back pain

mainly healthy back pain Office Chair

Financial uncertainties are being felt mostly in the lower part of the back. Worry about that all the time? How is your financial situation?

The reasons for the back pain may vary

mainly healthy healthy body back pain

Kidneys: The ability to give life and to receive.

“Living healthy” to be translated as well so for people with kidney problems: you fear not, to understand life in its depth and experience. Don’t think you have no right or no strength for it. People who smoke much, feel not quite valuable and hide behind a mask. This is the feeling of imperfection!

What causes kidney problems?

live healthy kidney pain lifestyle trends

Breast as a symbolization of the mother feeling

Problems in this area show fear, insult and much anger.

You have to start to believe that everyone in harmony with the universe exists

mainly healthy healthy body breast pain

Heart as a symbol of love, blood symbolizes the joy

If there is no love in our life, then comes the heart in the literal sense in itself and it gets very cold to us. As a result it starts our blood to flow more slowly and it is cold to us.

Take care of your heart

mainly healthy heart problems causes

Live healthy means to overcome the life dramas, we see how we cause them. If it manages to do so, also the most physical symptoms will disappear.

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