Longboard Types And Components – Basic Info

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Basics to the Longboard-trend components and Boardarten

When surfers outfitted their surf boards with wheels to roam the streets with their beloved water sports equipment, they not sure knew what trend they solved it. But now a significant boom has evolved from the original do-it-yourself idea to move away: the Longboards! Not only kids and teenagers to cruise across the asphalt. More and more adults discover the trendy skateboard alternative for themselves. But what actually constitutes a Longboard and what is it about the different forms to? We have compiled some of the most popular types and explain the construction rough.

Longboard types and component basic info

The structure of Longboards

The basic structure of the various Longboards is always the same. They consist of a deck, axles and wheels. These three components addressed briefly below:

• Deck: the deck is the part of the Board at the boarders here.

Auf der Internetseite http://www.longboardtest.org/, die Longboards nicht nur unabhängig vergleicht, sondern auch wesentliche Informationen zu den Materialien bereitstellt, heißt es zum Deck: „Die meisten Boards werden entweder aus horizontalem Holzoder aus VLAM-Bambus hergestellt. VLAM is translated vertically laminated.” Also adds: “When the deck note that not every type of wood has the same hardness.” While Maple produces relatively stiff boards, mahogany wood ensures smoother models and resulting in higher Flex. Mahogany boards are so flexible. What is the deck, thus has great influence on the driving experience. Often, the respective wood is complemented with epoxy resin, fiberglass, and anderenMaterialien or covered. There are massive differences regarding shape, length, width and shape. These dimensions and properties determine what kind it is of Longboard.

• Axis: the axes connecting the roles with the deck. Are accessible at Longboards so-called “reverse king pin axis” and “Standard king pin axis”. The axes must match the width of the deck, to ensure sufficient stability, flexibility and fun.

• Roles: Longboard wheels (wheels) are sold in various sizes, widths and hardening. Production you have is influence on running smoothness, traction, grip and Slidefähigkeit.Die with durable polyurethane.

Longboard types at a glance

Who has looked around in a Skate Shop or online, will quickly find Longboards to look out some extremely different. In particular this applies to the deck. To models with individual design, the spectrum ranges from relatively evenly shaped designs. We have researched eight larger and suitable briefly explains for whom they are suitable.

1. the Cruiser

There are three variants of the type Cruiser :

Longboard Cruiser
These Longboards are around 80-120 cm long, relatively wide, soft and very stable. Who is on the road in the city or on slightly sloping streets, is well advised with this model.
Freestyle Cruiser
Also this cruiser Board has good cruise properties, but also suitable for Freestyle tricks. Who wants to combine cruising and tricks, should look at more detail this option.

This Board is the perfect city Companion. A wide deck and a shorter surface, like the other two variants make the Citycruiser affable for partially confined spaces in the city. At the same time, the Board is very manoeuvrable and can be used for tricks.

2. drop down

The deck at the drop down Board leans down and the axes are attached from the bottom. The boards are ideal for cruising because of deep focus.

3. top mount

Top Mount Boards are most often sold and are among the most popular designs. The cornering is very good, so that sliding, carving making pleasure.  The standard installation of the axes takes place from below.

4. Drop through

Drop through authority’means Assembly form of the axes. In contrast to drop down and top mount, these are mounted the drop through Board from the top of the Board. The crucial difference: The focus of the entire Longboards shifted, causing the Steering response is different. Beginners cope well with this Board, but also professionals like to fall to the Drop Through Board. Almost all driving techniques can be practiced with this practical ALLROUNDER and high speeds are not a problem.

5. double drop

A double drop Longboard has a low center of gravity and a deck that is curved downwards. While an axis is attached to the Board from the bottom, the second axle mounted through the deck. This type of Longboard bring much stability and combines the advantages of drop through and drop down.

Longboard types and component Longboard roll basic info

6 slalom boards

Slalom Boards are strongly represented in the Switzerland. The length is approximately 50 to 80 centimeters and is thus similar to the skateboard. Narrow axles are here far outside. Slalom boards are characterized by high flexibility, agility and speed. They are ideal for the city as well as for the Freestyle section.

“The sucking his transport-friendly size and manoeuvrability is very popular with riders who are only occasionally with the Board,”, add in the blog at https://www.skatedeluxe.com, an advisor and shop around the topic of boarding.

7 Downhill Longboard

Downhill Longboards are usually stiff, flat, provide maximum smoothness and are designed for high speed descents. But also wide curves allow themselves to go. Should however narrow streets and tricks performed are, another model would be better suited.

8. the hybrid

Hybridboards can be compared with skateboards. They are only slightly larger, relatively hard and ideal for pool journeys, so that driving with boards in disused swimming pools meant, how it is like to run in America. Oldschool skateboarders, and anyone who likes to do tricks, will have their fun with the hybrids.

How Longboarding can look in practice, now displays a Longboarder in the following video:

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