Lose Weight By Endurance Training – What Should You Additionally Know?

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endurance training sports type cardio exercises

Basic knowledge of endurance training

Mostly with the arrival of summer, we note that we us have changed a bit and weigh some kilos too much. It offers opportunities for rapid changes by two methods. Either you eat much less or you eat something less or much healthier and often goes to the sport. In reaching the best results in the endurance training.

Remove through sport and healthy living

endurance training spirit types of sports and body thickness

What is endurance training?

Generally speaking the endurance training are those very strong claim the heart. It may involve racing, cycling, jumping rope or intensive dance classes. In fitness, you can do endurance training. While the aforementioned sport activities are stimulated. Through regular endurance training, strengthen the own muscles and burns fat very quickly. Ah, and endurance, you can integrate exercise into your daily routine.

Cardio exercises

endurance training heart types of sport and body

Lose weight by jogging

diet plan to lose weight successfully training calories jogging

Burn calories by jumping rope

effective and fast fat burning tips rope jumping

Take a Zumba class

Zumba calorie calculating sport driving Zumba course

Why are training about picking up the endurance very important

You will need much perseverance in everyday life. So you arrive quickly, can take the bus, even if it runs in the last second to the stop. You will not immediately get respiratory problems at a larger load.

You feel in good shape and you have a good pulse. You can do much more in outdoor.

You can feel problems with endurance training when you’re smoking! The opportunity can be the right, to quit smoking.

The stairs up and down. This is a simple and very effective exercise

endurance training sports type stairs high and down

It is energetic, lively, feels good in your own skin, has a high self-esteem. There is no Yo-Yo effect. Quite the contrary. In building muscle mass, we burn more calories, but also at all the other things we do in everyday life! We remove the first visually, because the muscles that we build are heavy than the fat. At some point, you have but also much less weight on it.

Also, there is hardly any food, which you can not enjoy. It burns enough calories.

It’s more fun together

endurance training jogging types of sport

Jogging with friends

endurance training jogging patience types of sport

You learn patience

Through the endurance training, you need to learn patience. The results come slowly and when it there is much trouble over a long time. It may have no more than 48 hours break between practice sessions. Up to forty is the maximum heart rate of 180 and 50-170.

The length must vary from an endurance training. Between 15 and 60 minutes is normal.

Balance and patience are also trained

endurance training sports type balance and patience

You should practise the best early in the morning. The metabolism is then the fastest. So that the body burns as many calories, you should be hungry at least half an hour.

The whole body is supported

endurance training sports type the whole body training

If you do not the endurance training in the morning, you do this at any time. Two hours before you must have not eaten but.

Swimming is a sport that train all muscle groups

endurance training swimming types of sports

Swimming is fun and burns many calories

endurance training swimming sports types patience

Running in the water

endurance training swimming types of sport and race

Enter slowly. Take many breaks at the beginning and extend the periods of strong body burden. If you make too much an effort, this can be demotivating.

Not too much weight your body. It has a demotivierende effect

endurance training running sports types cardio exercises

Choose a sport that’s on the mind

endurance training cycling types of sport

Only then, the training is really fun!

endurance training types of sport bike riding long

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