Low-carb Not Increasing Food – Recipe Ideas, With Which And Remain Tired

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Low-carb healthy food for your meals

The restrictions on the consumption of carbohydrates can make you sometimes on the border of desperation. It looks that everything tastes like one, is not good for one’s health and for the planned weight loss. Are you as well? If Yes, then this article could bring more hope. There are many delicious meals, which include a few carbs. Here are some ideas for you!

Low-carb food – healthy eating tips

live healthy low-carbohydrate food prefer cucumber yogurt

Low-carb food – delicious recipe ideas for the small hunger

low-carb food boiled eggs healthy

Apples and cheese

Does this combination peculiar? Taste really good! It can make delicious meals that have little carbohydrates, and you at the same time many vitamins, nutrients and in the end – energy type.

Avocado on crispy bread

Baked bread or other crunchy treats taste just fine with avocado pasta. Also in such a meal, we have relatively few carbohydrates. Best, you opt for whole wheat flour products.

Healthy recipes that taste great

live healthy avocado bread low-carbohydrate food

Yoghurt with cucumber

Tzatziki is a Greek dish, and represents a good opportunity to enjoy the combination of yogurt and cucumber.  But there are also other delicious recipes with the same products. You can take this even Quark. It is a kind of cream salad, which you then the selection of products and their fat and calorie control. He is fed up, gives you lots of energy, and tastes really good. Such meal is especially suitable for the summer.

Make tsatsiki in the summer

healthy low-carb food tzatziki diet

Salad with chicken fillet

Salad makes rich, as there are usually many people. It’s on the right combinations with other products. The green salad and all other kinds of leafy vegetables provide you with many minerals and vitamins, and therefore you become tired as. If you are to add more chicken fillet, you have prepared a delicious meal that has quite a few carbs.

Cottage cheese with fruit

Cottage cheese with fruit makes a very tasty dessert. This combination contains very little carbohydrates and sugars.

A delicious and easy recipe idea

cottage cheese live healthy ernührung fruit

Celery with peanut butter

This combination sounds weird, even offputting. But celery with peanut butter tastes very good and you should try it out! You will also get a lot of energy as a result and to refrain from a few carbs.

Do you like celery? And peanut butter? Combine them then!

live healthy tips carbohydrate-poor celery peanut butter

Hard boiled eggs

The tasty and healthy meal without carbohydrates must be nothing elaborate. It might be a trifle like boiled eggs. Add just salt or a different spice! Any kind of vegetables could fit in well.

Eggs can be combined easily with many kinds of vegetables

low-carb food tasty recipes eggs cooked


Nuts may be possible in principle in all possible healthy recipes and for a very good reason. Only a handful of nuts can help you for hours on end to have energy for work. This is promoted above all the ability to think, but actually we can be more physical. It is the admirable that contain a few carbohydrates in the nuts.

Nuts are healthy, tasty, and carbohydrate-poor

low-carb eating nuts tasty food without increasing


Edamame is a Japanese term for beans to the branch. Thus, the soybeans are meant. It to cook very exotic dishes in the far East. Edamame is a super food in terms of nutrients contained therein. You can prepare this on many different kind and ways and you need not many spices so that the dish tastes good. The proportion of carbohydrates is it really small.

Try Edamame!

low-carb food garlic edamame recipes

Humus with red pepper

Do you like humus? You not much of it usually also need to be sick and full of energy! Buy humus and eat it with crunchy bits of peppers.

Tasty and low-carbohydrate recipe idea

live healthy low-carbohydrate nagrung humus peppers

Tomatoes with tuna

Tomatoes with tuna for a more delicious meal that can be only healthy for all. It also hardly carbohydrates abstain.

Low-Carb Recipe idea with fish

live healthy recipe ideas carbohydrate-poor

We hope our today’s tips for low-carbohydrate food give you the opportunity, easily and within few minutes a delicious and very healthy meal to prepare that you though to give energy, but from which you take to.

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