Low Carb Recipes – Easily In The Stomach, Easy In The Sense

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low carb recipes Zucchini roasted pumpkin pasta

RID by low carb recipes some kilos

Today is over with our series low carb recipes further. We introduce again a delicious speciality, which is easily in the stomach and to donate too much energy, especially now in the autumn. As the title of the recipe says otherwise is here pseudo spaghetti, namely by those who prepared entirely vegan and are not only without eggs, but consist solely of vegetables. More specifically from Zucchini. You all know this vegetable type of course already quite well. Did you already know that she is particularly low in calories and yet so versatile is used? In combination with pumpkin, the zucchini are a delicious fall meal for any occasion. In addition to preparing the zucchini-pasta not only to a lunch or dinner for your family, you can invite your friends to do so. We guarantee excellent pleasure, wonderful flavor and a lot of culinary fun.

Dare and get started!

Zucchini pasta with roasted pumpkin sauce
low carb recipes Zucchini noodles pumpkin

4 large Zucchini
1 pumpkin (Hokkaido)
1 medium-size Green Apple
1/2 cup fresh Sage leaves, chopped
1 cup coconut milk
1 Tablespoon toasted pumpkin seed oil
the juice of a Clementine
2 EL Tahin
2 garlic cloves
1 tsp ground cinnamon
1/2 tsp ground nutmeg
a pinch of turmeric
black pepper
Sea salt

low carb recipes Zucchini pasta pumpkin puree

How is it done:

1 step:

Preheat the oven to 180 ° C.

2 step:

Cut the Hokkaidokürbis in half and place them, with the inside facing up, on a well greased baking sheet. Bake about 45 minutes long, soft until the pumpkin is.

3 step:

If you are using a different type of out of Hokkaidokürbis, then take out the pumpkin meat. Hokkaidokürbisse can, however, completely consume and need not to separate them from the shell.

Also gnocchi with pumpkin sauce are a great idea

low carb recipes pumpkin gnocchi

4 step:

Then, puree the pumpkin and the rest of the ingredients for the sauce using a food processor or mixer. Season to your taste and give the puree in a saucepan. Let the best pot a while on the stove on low heat. In this way, the sauce stays hot until ready to serve and the ingredients blend even more into each other by the flavor even more intensively to develop.

From this it can prepare a healthy pumpkin cream soup

low carb recipes pumpkin cream soup

5 step:

Then, prepare the zucchini spaghetti by using the spiral cutter for example with the Spirelli of feeling fine spiral cut the washed and peeled Zucchini.

6 step:
Place any amount of Zucchini spaghetti on each plate and surrounded by the pumpkin sauce on it. Garnish cinnamon, fresh black pepper and toasted pumpkin seed oil with toasted pumpkin seeds, a pinch of.

Good appetite!

Keep the remaining pumpkin sauce in a separate container and cut the zucchini spirals immediately before serving.

And how about a light risotto in the pumpkin?

low carb recipes stuffed pumpkin rice chicken

Pumpkin is also a perfect thirst quencher in autumn

low carb recipes of homemade pumpkin juice

A vegan pumpkin and oatmeal cake

low carb recipes pumpkin oatmeal vegan cake

Even pancakes can be easily prepared with pumpkin

low carb recipes pumpkin pancakes

Have you thought on Halloween?

Low carb recipes pumpkin pie Halloween

You can create tasty low carb pumpkin truffles

low carb recipes pumpkin chocolates truffles

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