Luxury Accessories: What Is The Modern Woman Nowadays?

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luxury accessories and jewelry beads chain Dior

Looking for luxury accessories? See the trends for 2015

Among the many different methods to find easy access to the latest fashion trends, we like the luxury accessories here in the Newsroom, however. They reflect the current taste and show a very well thought out and refined equivalent.

Women love jewelry – it is an indisputable fact! But what trends are currently?

luxury accessories necklaces stylish jewelry design

Now we like to throw a curious look at the jewels of the ladies and gentlemen on the fashion catwalks and see what probably got the trends to provide by 2015.

Pearls never go out of style!

luxury accessories jewelry beads

Massive necklace

Luxury accessories are often very solid in its classical form. This is the case this year clearly again. Forms of medallions and landmarks are now present, dominant. Actually, they cross the border to the intrusive. They’re very close in the dezentesten case.

The bigger, the better. This also applies to the jewelry

luxury accessories necklace Lanvin

You can and should give according to fashion designer thus in a very courageous manner a completed look your look.

Massive necklaces

No one told here that you should forgo the massive necklaces. You have still a worthy place among the luxury accessories. The massive necklaces should remind old locks of the jewelry.

Designer jewellery by Giambattista Valli

luxury accessories designer Giambattista Valli necklace

Large necklaces fall easily into the eye

luxury accessories designer Giambattista Valli necklace

Do you want examples of brands that have brought our opinion super great collections in the world? These are about Giambattista Valli, Chanel of and Lanvin.

Chanel – a true love for pearls

luxury accessories Chanel pearls jewellery modern

Tubular necklaces

The massive character takes a worthy spot also in this new trend – the tubular necklaces luxury accessories. You are to experience in a wide variety of colors and textures. The imagination of the designer brought it really far in this type of necklace. The craziest shapes can be seen.

Jewelry design by Balenciaga

Balenciaga jewelry necklace tubular accessories

Tubular necklace Red

modern necklaces tubular red luxury accessories

Wood jewelry

We remain the same “massive” mood, we take “Wood” but as keyword. We need this in order to achieve perfection. The luxury accessories of this kind are innovative, have an excellent appearance, are simple, but also super notable.

Necklaces made of wood

luxury accessories necklaces wood beads

Back the natural look in the foreground

luxury accessories necklaces wood natural look


The beads have taken a slightly new position within the more general trends accessories. You fall into the category of “playful looks”. Through them, designers put to use colourful and multicultural-influenced motifs. Combine a range of very different and interesting shapes and wear them all together. Let from the combination that you could bring about.

Always bead – classic and modern

luxury accessories bracelet beads Chanel style

Bracelets made of metal

Metal is 2015 successfully represented also at the luxury accessories trends. It was the most original and few models on which you’d like to think this season. The unique and solid large and small forms now properly attract our imagination.

Yves Saint Laurent bracelets

luxury accessories metal bracelets Yves Saint Laurent

Natural stones

Do you know what luxury accessories serve this season best for accent setting? Our observation after it are the natural stones. The effect is unique!

Rediscover the beauty of natural materials

luxury accessories necklaces from natural stone

Combine wood and natural stone

modern necklaces wood luxury accessories

Gems come also into play

luxury accessories chain natural stones jewelry


The interpretations of chains are impressive and very exciting. In particular, the fact that almost every one of the famous brand has managed to bring an own unique version of this on the catwalk is remarkable. Compare yourself! Take a look at Saint Laurent, Gucci, Balenciaga, Versace, Christian Dior, Stella McCartney, Nina Ricci.

Necklace design

coach United States luxury accessories necklaces

If not too large, then too much

luxury accessories necklace designer jewelry Iacoli

Modern plastic chains

luxury accessories necklace designer fashion jewelry

Designer Stella McCartney chain

luxury accessories Stella McCartney necklace

Massive geometric forms

Now we come to what one can call a hit on the new fashion podiums. If you want to wear this, necessarily take the combination with minimalist clothes into consideration.

Keywords: solid and geometric

luxury accessories necklace solid

Emerald jewelry

luxury accessories earrings chain gems Emerald

Designer bags by Celine in emerald green

Celine handbag black leather accessories

Luxury headphones and other accessories

luxury accessories of luxury true headphones

Men accessories – Rolex wristwatch watch

luxury accessories hand watch Rolex

Continue with the men’s accessories

luxury accessories made of leather for men

Schneider set by BOSS

luxury accessories boss cutter set

Genuine leather keychain

luxury accessories designer Keychain

Earrings for ellegente women with style

luxury accessories jewelry earrings gold

Golden rings by Christian Dior

luxury accessories designer Dior jewelry

Jimmy Choo designer shoes studded with pebbles

luxury accessories designer Jimmy Choo shoes

Yves Saint Laurent handbag

Luxury Accessories Handbags Yves Saint Laurent

Stylish designer jewelry for woman’s hand

luxury accessories handbag bracelets hand watch

What woman doesn’t dream bag but a designer?

luxury handbag Accessories Designer bags leather

A Dior by would be perfect, right?

luxury and design accessories handbag Dior

Show your personal style!

luxury and style accessories handbag purse shoes jewelry

Classic and black for every occasion

Celine handbag purse leather black plain accessories

Leather gloves by Mazzoleni

Mazzoleni gloves leather luxury leather accessories

You need practical accessories also at work

luxury leather accessories set

A Home Office, which was set up with style

luxury of home accessories Chnel style office furniture

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