Macrobiotic Food The Simple System Of Balance

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Macrobiotic Diet balance

Macrobiotic Diet – is actually possible compensation?

What we eat has an effect on our well-being. The basis of a diet system, which follows the natural course of things and seeks a balance for body and soul sounds.


The complete laws of Macrobiotics exist over 100 years and be applied until today with success. The goal of this nutrition philosophy is to achieve a balance between yin and Yang, which depend on our health, our happiness and well-being.

The Macrobiotic Diet supports the raw food diet

Macrobiotic Diet raw food

35% of the diet should consist of fruit and vegetables

Macrobiotic Diet raw food

The macrobiotic cuisine has its origins in the Chinese medicine or philosophy. Yin stands for the passive nature forces, for the female nature, wait and mystic. Yang is the Sun, the man, the active, the creative within us.

According to Macrobiotics, there must be a balance between yin and Yang. Heißt-all foods are yin, Yang or neutral.

All grains such as wheat, rye, oats, spelt, brown rice or millet also belong to the neutral diet.

The grain has an important use in the Macrobiotic Diet

Macrobiotic Diet cereal

Light soups, tofu and seaweed are rewarding for your food

Macrobiotic Diet Japanese tofu miso

Permitted and prohibited

In the macrobiotic kitchen are the food cooling geteilt-into two groups, that belonging to the element yin, and warming, which correspond to those from Yang.  Each food is defined according to its pH value and its origin. An important role is also the color, shape, scent and the consistency of the food.  Nevertheless, 50% of the diet shall consist of cereals. It is also recommended that in your food all flavors available are sweet, sour, bitter and salty.

Seed of fresh OBS and vegetables should make up 35% of food.  The remaining 15% can ideally be expanded by legumes.

Seasonal eating fresh fruit and vegetables is recommended

Macrobiotic Diet raw food basket

The pulses are an important protein and magnesium source

Macrobiotic Diet sleeves fruits

Young peas and beans appear for a very short time on the market. You have to try that

macrobiotic nutrition peas

Occasionally, meat or fillet of fish may be eaten as well as cheese and milk.

The Macrobiotic Diet excludes bread, meat, sweets, alcohol, caffeine, sharp and canned products.

Fresh culinary herbs, sprouts, carrots and aromatic seeds are tasty, healthy and filling

Macrobiotic Diet carrots

A clever strategy is to make salads according to colour

Macrobiotic Diet salad stained

Many recipes from Asia exotic taste and are very beneficial

Macrobiotic Diet rocket Orange

Preparation and consumption

The Macrobiotic Diet is easy to implement, and still there is to consider a few things:-If we eat an Apple or a PEAR, it would be ideal to consume the fruit of uncut and also if possible. This applies to all types of fruit and vegetables. Seeds, seeds, pulp and rind should be used if you have a commercial.

The longer you cook or braise, the less the Yin becomes energy.  The fresh color of the vegetable helps to determine the duration of steaming.

Eat macrobiotic, then never rice or millet in your menu must be

Macrobiotic Diet chickpeas

So-called winter vegetables such as cauliflower and broccoli should be an important part of your meal

Macrobiotic Diet sushi

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