Make Up Brush Set – Which Cosmetic Brush You Need?

make up brush set cosmetic brush set

So you can put together properly set a make up brush

The perfect makeup is based on several core principles, which require a particularly careful adjustment. Because also the perfect make-up would look not good, when it is not been selected according to the correct type, and when it is not been applied with the appropriate technology.

Professional makeup cosmetic brush

make up brush set brush set professional make up

All makeup brush, you need

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Fitting brush

The natural hair Ribbons are chosen mostly for the application of powder products. These are for example powder, eye shadow and Rouge. The pigments can be applied to very dense. Rarely get any elements of the dust outside the desired area. The most expensive products of this kind are made of machined foxes hair. You are the smoothest, including skin contact. Their disadvantage is that they are not as stable. When to use them, remain many small hairs on the face. They can be used but only with powder products. Those that have a liquid consistency, will it remain and can not be applied. Badger and Pony are the animals for the appropriate brush. The structure is simply much too tight for their fur.

Is also your make-up bag full of makeup brushes?

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You need only a complete brush set

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What is there for makeup brush? -Eye brush

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Try the contact with skin

Try out the skin contact is very important when selecting the appropriate brush. If the brush too hard or too soft feel, it is not suitable. The golden rule is that the hairs are shorter, they will leave the more product on the skin.

The contact with the skin

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Clean up the makeup brush sets

Clean up the makeup brush sets is just as important as their shopping also. These instruments of beauty represent a great ambience for the development of bacteria. So you protect themselves before that, you need only water and SOAP. Once a week you should apply some Reiningungsprodukte on the brush. If it is made of natural hair, then you should take shampoo. Wash as well as hair… Because those are Yes! Find a suitable, sterile place where they can dry.

Makeup brush clean

make up brush set brushes for primer

Alternatively you could do also immediately finished it with a hair dryer for use!

Brush for powder

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How to be the makeup brush sets at all put together

To determine exactly what kind of makeup sets you need. Make the questions if you will be using makeup in powder or liquid substance. In the winter, it should be more the first to be in the summer – the second. You should the makeup replace brush sets accordingly maybe twice a year.

Make up brush set make up

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Still, you should determine the exact amount and number of brush. One buys sometimes too much, and this does not help, if you want to be practical. There are some good actionable methods which are effective. You can set up such a list with all the makeup acts you perform. Then you list the products. Write next to each cosmetic product you need for a brush. Then you have everything.

Elegant brush set from Mac

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Or you can take a medium-sized bag for makeup. Then ask, what it all fits. Usually it is just the thing you need indeed! This is a safe rule, according to which not all will you buy too much waste.

By Sonia Kashuk cosmetics brush

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Set of 10 makeup brush

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What makeup brushes do you need?

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Powder brushes of different brands

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Completely equipped

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Top 5 makeup brushes