Makeup Tips For Perfect Make-up During The Day And In The Evening

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Makeup tips for converting your everyday to nightly vision

In many cases, the unplanned adventures leave the most beautiful memories. But is it prepared well, to make the best of it? How will you feel when you are invited after a long work day to a date? Will you be able to look good?

A compromise with the look could spoil the meeting… It is enough that you don’t feel not confident?

Hairdressing and make-up ideas for your face shape

makeup tips eyes face shape hairstyles make up

But most of the time something can make. With a Trockenschampoo, you can refresh the hair. Take also the matching dress what looks always good and needs to be ironed not big… You have one so, don’t you? If not, then you would have to buy as soon as one.

How I make me properly?

makeup tips eyes lips skin Nail Polish

What are you doing with the makeup?

We want to answer this question strongly emerging in such situations through the make-up tips below. New make-up, it has usually not enough time. It is so in the stress that this fold anyway not good. The eyes make up instructions today we want to teach you how you can achieve an evening from an everyday vision!

“Be beautiful” is art, don’t you think it?

makeup tips of beauty tips for beautiful skin primer

How much makeup brush do you actually need?

makeup tips eyes lipstick makeup brush

What does each makeup brush?

makeup tips eyes the right makeup brushes select

The primer

If you have ever entered Primer in the morning, then you should brush up on now it. Either complement the creamy layer with some powder or but once again from the same art foundation. Because in the evening it seems otherwise to pale. Also the garish eyeshadow to the eye and the lipstick not so nice look when you reach not an absolutely uniform complexion.

The important role of the primer

makeup tips of beauty tips primer beautiful skin tips

makeup tips eyes eyeshadow entering

Applying powder – tips and tricks

makeup tips skin care primer powder brush

Eyes of makeup tips

If you had only mascara on the day, then you could add fast well eye liner. In addition, you could emphasize the eyes. Do this by a pearls nuance on the outer edge of the eyebrow arch and a darker eyeshadow on the eyelids. Choose the right colors depending on the shape and size of the eyes.

Different eye shapes

makeup tips eyes different eye shapes

The perfect eye makeup

makeup tips eyes Wimpertousche eye shadow blue

Applying mascara

makeup tips eyes mascara lipstick of gloss

Follow the tips when applying for your eye shape and choosing the shades – the trends of the season. With the smaller you should put on lighter colors with more Polish and at the larger – on dark.

Eye shadow in all shades

makeup tips eye color eyeshadow

Professional eyes make-up for the catwalk

Schminktipps eye makeup color eyeshadow


Makeup tips say something more conspicuous for the evening. Also balm should be so that they can be more beautiful. If you have already lipstick, this should provide only gloss and no additional nuances.

Use a suitable pen for lips

makeup tips lips lipstick red

Most of the time, the ladies neglect this aspect compared to the rest of the make-up. In most cases, it is good, at the same time by contours and lipstick well enough to emphasize the lips. It should be emphasized in the evening necessarily by Rouge the cheek bones. This makes the face look fresh and will make much more gentle whose lines.

The red lipstick is a must

makeup tips lips lipstick selecting red shades


With surprise, we have found that many women not are aware that there is a spray for makeup. Makeup tips could omit such a under no circumstances for the evening. For working on long dates everything will disappear otherwise.

Makeup setting spray

makeup tips and beauty tips make up spray

Great perfume

During the day, a deodorant can be super. In the evening, you should necessarily set but on a great perfume. A discreet fragrance according to your taste is much more appropriate in this case, we would say even essential.

Perfume for the evening

makeup tips and beauty tips perfume evening party

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