Mediterranean Diet For More Power And A Perfect Physical And Mental Condition

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Mediterranean diet fruit vegetables mushrooms lemon fish

Mediterranean diet – Bliss a lifetime

Something for people who have very different eating habits as the inhabitants of the Mediterranean area may be diet. But actually it’s more about an attitude to life. It is a matter of nutrition, which could bring a lot more zest for life generally. So consider this as the norm.

Thus, you could take off and then much easier to keep the weight of your own.

Enjoyment is paramount

The Mediterranean diet is mainly to enjoy. You must give up nothing. You should simply replace the previous bad habits by others who are not only healthier, but also simply delicious. It tastes better the most people and they ask themselves how they have lived different!

Fatty fish for abundant Omega 3 fatty acids

Mediterranean diet of salmon garlic Rosemary

The right ingredients

Less is more when it comes to the taste. If something is good and at the same time see intense tastes, then you will be faster too fed up. So, this is certainly one of the main principles, which are based on the Mediterranean diet.

In practical terms, this for example means that repeatedly used olive oil rather than another for the cooking and eating. This tastes better and also helps that fats are properly divided into our body.

Crisp Focaccia with olives and Rosemary

Mediterranean diet Focaccia Rosemary olive

The way of preparation

The way of preparation of food in the Mediterranean diet is a lot easier. However, this does not apply to the selection of the products. Because they must have very fresh, tasteful and be of the highest quality. You must be prepared so that their natural flavor as possible remains.

Also the spices must be natural and tasteful. Under no circumstances should set to chemical flavor enhancers. Get it to eat more garlic.

Ripe tomatoes with basil, garlic, balsamic vinegar and olive oil

Mediterranean diet fresh tomato balsamic vinegar olive oil

Mediterranean diet made easy

Mediterranean diet may be real easy. She is definitely not strict. There are a few things that always come in different variations in the menu. Put on these and the other should be regarded rather as a supplement.

You would have to take every day fruits, vegetables, salads and beans. Grain products, nuts, bread, potatoes and pasta can also regularly be eaten, but only for lunch.

Lean varieties of poultry, fish and seafood are also very important – you should eat them 3 to 4 times per week.

Other lean meats – 1 to 2 times per week. Everything should be enjoyed with a little olive oil and lemon. Sweets and packed food should be eaten to the minimum. Everything must be eaten slowly and with much pleasure. Enjoy the food and slowly drink your wine glass.

Isn’t life beautiful?

Grilled chicken with fresh vegetables

Mediterranean diet salad poultry vegetables

Mediterranean Salad with pickled Eggplant and seafood

Mediterranean diet pickled Eggplant seafood

The healthy eating pyramid

Mediterranean diet food pyramid

Dairy products and fresh fruits and vegetables

Mediterranean diet fruits milk yogurt

Crispy salad with olives and feta cheese

Mediterranean diet salad cheese

Risotto with seafood

Mediterranean diet seafood lemon olives

Delicious combination of cheese and green olives

Mediterranean diet olive feta Basil spices

Replace the grease with olive oil

Mediterranean diet olive oil olive Omega 3

Enrich your menu with garlic and Basil

Mediterranean diet spaghetti black olives cheese garlic

A wide range of olive varieties

Mediterranean diet olive variety

Beans and walnuts are a perfect substitute for meat

Mediterranean diet walnuts beans noodles

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