Memory Exercises – Exercise Your Memory, By You Better Understand

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Select the appropriate memory exercises

Our brain has many mechanisms, looking after his own and to the general health of our organism. On the one hand, these help us to memorize many important events and relationships. At the same time, the brain has the ability to erase certain memories. Making that’s protecting us, that we are burdened with too much information. This is necessary to save our energy.

The human brain is a complex mechanism

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An interesting attempt in Lund, Sweden

Our ability to remember things or forgetting, better to explore, scientists from the University of Lund have carried out an experiment. It consisted in the following: animals and people were brought to make a specific noise and a certain light signal with light winds in the eyes in conjunction. It was expected that the participants at the hearing of the given signal or light signal start blinking. It has however been found the following interesting fact: If the noise and the light signal occur together, the effect is improved rather than to worsen. The two simulations so achieve a worse result together, as if they are applied at the same time.

It has conducted an interesting attempt to understand human memory

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The comments by the Prof. Germund Hesslow and Anders Rasmussen to the results of this experiment

Let’s see, to which scientific conclusions, the two senior professors came to the experiment. You would be of fundamental importance if we choose among the wide selection of memory exercises .

Select the appropriate memory exercises

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Select the appropriate strategies to learn for yourself

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To write down, not to forget, something many people leave is

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According to Hesslow, it comes to the worse results when mixing the two signals on the basis of the aspiration of the brain, to save energy. It turns off some mechanisms when it feels that an excessive overload threatens.

Anders Rasmussen brings the results of this study related to these earlier research. This wise, once the brain is a thing has noted that good enough, wants to be remembered it no longer. In other words, it is unnecessary that you ways within a short time is reminiscent of two the same thing.

What does all this mean for the memory exercises

For different memory exercises , these research results mean the following: the brain should be not überlastend. As soon as our brain can feel that the provides is not relevant or a well-known fact in a different way is taught him, it turns on the mechanics of oblivion.

One might compare the human brain with a puzzle

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Healthy sleep helps you better want to remember what you learned

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Train the memory to store new information

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Train your memory by selecting the best strategies to

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