Memory Training – Through Specific Techniques The Memory Support

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memory training tips and tricks

Techniques, which you can train your memory

Mentally we can not only physically also train us. The results where you train the own memory are particularly obvious. These calories are burned also. So it is worth, no matter from which point of view it’s considered that you take the time.

Many times it happens that you just forget what you had in mind

memory training against forget tips and tricks

Short – and long-term memory

Memories of events happened recently into the first group. In our long-term memory, there are such things, which remain in the long run “in our heads”. But the long-term memory goes over the short-term. In this, the things are sorted. Only things that are really important to us, stay there.

The difference between short – and long-term memory

memory training the brain capacity of exploiting

Learn about the different memory techniques

memory techniques the brain training tips and tricks

Memory card help often, not forgetting something important

memory techniques, note writing tips and tricks

The goal of the memory training

The memory training helps a lot more when it comes to the perception of new information. You learn to use a larger capacity of the own brain.

We are also developing a greater potential for storing, editing, and use of personal data

memory techniques the brain training new information appropriate

The new information is transformed into images and is automatically linked to existing knowledge in conjunction. If our brain is trained, we learn faster and more intense, and we can use much more effectively the leisure. Do so and lose no time, for hours on end to find the keys or other everyday things.

The route method

Let’s start with this so exciting memory technology. Remember at home 10 characters (in the broad sense) and make a route it. Visualize both the characters than imaginary connections between them. The icons are Flash and fancy, the easier will remember this. You can connect these points in a report, a purchase or task list. Use for example each characteristic of the House furniture, which you use as a sign, with a product in connection that you need to get home today.

The strength of the images

Here is our second proposal for the method by which you can your memory train . Here, the imagination plays a very important role. By connecting some abstract and theoretical, to an image, you can imagine it better and also understand it. In this way, one can notice permanently certain relationships.

Book reading stimulates the imagination

memory training techniques visualize

Connect new information with the old

Now we come to the third of our memory techniques today. It was noted that one remembers much better new things, if you are informed in advance about the subject. Do an experiment by sharing your impressions of two different movies with a friend. It would be great if the person knows the one, and the other is not. Usually your listeners would remember better the earlier known subject.

By book reading train the brain

memory training books reading techniques

A successful memory technique is to connect the new with the old information

memory training old information new information

The conclusion from this is that it remembers things, which could be used with existing knowledge in conjunction. So try the new info on something that you know and understand well, to establish in their spirit.

Noted historical events for example by installing these things and places in connection, which are already known to you from somewhere

memory training tips and tricks reminder note

Remember the first few letters or syllables!

You can remember the first syllables or letters of some words. This is a fun method that works great with very many people. Keys, wallet, documents. This is however SPD! So yes, probably never again forget these three things! Great method, right?

Hang memory card

memory technologies memory card write

Bind a thread on the finger, to remember something

memory training tips different memory techniques

The capacity of the brain to take advantage of learning

memory training short long-term memory

Avoid frequent forgetting memory techniques

memory training often forget tips

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