Milan Fashion Week 2016: Current Men’s Fashion From The Runway

Milan fashion week 2016 current men's fashion trendsMilan fashion week 2016

Between 16 and 19 January took place this year the fashion week in Milan instead of or as it is known – Milan Fashion Week. The online magazine has a wonderful overview of the latest trends in men’s fashion. They showed the most original and most impressive of the collections of known and new brands. Would you consider also this?

Suitable to winter we start with Rossignol fire ski. Access the popular universal trend in men’s fashion. You can put in the city and also at home equally well on the slopes, their great outfits.

Corneliani man fashion on the Milan fashion week 2016

Milan fashion week m fashion Corneliani


Massimo Giorgettis autumn/winter collection is full of colors. A very provocative approach to men’s fashion. But just seems to come the individuality of many strong personalities.

The colors are

Milan fashion week 2016 men's fashion trends Msgm


Andrea Pompilio is still behind the new collections of Canali. There’s apparently still no change. The new collections are still very successful in the world of men’s fashion. The ideas seem to be not far from exhausted.

Andrea Pompilio behind the new collections by Canali

Milan fashion week 2016 men's fashion trends Canalli


A luxurious version of the usual men outfits provides us death’s dar at the Milan fashion show this year.

Elegant men’s fashion

Milan fashion week 2016 men's fashion trends of death

Z Zegna

Z Zegna fashion designers are obviously highly impressed by the rapid development of new technologies. You can see it at the men’s fashion, especially with the official and business attire. We continue to see some everyday outfits, such as winter jackets for example in the same style.

Business attire by Z Zegna

Milan fashion week 2016 men's fashion trends Zzegna


Sweater with brodierten elements, heavy walking shoes and Petite suits shape from the collection by Missoni. These elements will be certainly intending for the next season in men’s fashion.

Chic blue Mr sweater from Missoni

Milan fashion week 2016 men's fashion trends Missoni


Kiton spreads out the limits of high men’s fashion.  The models of this brand are also strongly influenced by this quest this season. Hand made men’s clothes and unique textiles are a striking feature for this.

Hand made men’s clothes

Milan fashion week 2016 men's fashion trends Kiton

No 21

Alessandro Dell ‘ Acqua, who is also behind this collection, you can once again the boundaries blur between male and female. Camo and Leopard patterns are also concise for the unique character of this year’s collection.

Camo and Leopard print

Milan fashion week 2016 men's fashion trends No21


A peculiar mixture of cool, edgy and classic – this is the new collection of Caruso. Also the Flash accents are decisive.

Classic men’s fashion

Milan fashion week 2016 men's fashion trends Caruso

Brooks Brothers

Brooks Brothers contribution to the winter menswear shows a daring combination of Maß produced sports elements and jeans clothes.

A daring mix of styles

Milan fashion week 2016 m fashion trends Brooks Brothers

Ralph Lauren

Most fall in this fire the Shearling coats and suede jackets. The formal dress has technical fabric pattern. This is a trend that is common also for other brands and is clearly dominant in the current men’s fashion this year.

Current trend: Shearling coats and suede jackets

fashion week 2016 Milan men's fashion trends Ralph Lauren

Neil Barrett

Clothing inspired by classic examples to go out. It is in the collection of Neil Barrett.

Casual men’s fashion by Neil Barrett

Milan fashion week 2016 men's fashion trends Neil Barrett

Jimmy Choo

Like many other fashion designers, Jimmy Choo follows the classical code of past trends of men’s fashion. He was looking models specifically for street outfits. Your new version is quite refined.

Jimmy Choo shoes

Milan fashion week 2016 men's fashion trends Jimmy Choo

Ports 1961

The fashion company ports 1961 was founded by the Ukrainian ballet dancer Sergei Polunin. Here we see a combination of strength and elegance. You can see many bomber jackets with great Oriental motifs in this winter collection.

Bomber jackets with Oriental motifs

Milan fashion week 2016 men's fashion trends ports 1961

The Milan Fashion Week shows that the new fashion trends represent the perception of masculinity from ever more varied perspectives. As if attempting to recognize what it is exactly. Many of the ideas can be used also in the everyday men’s fashion, though not in such bold variants would be.