Molecular Gastronomy – Food And Science Merge Into A Whole.

The molecular gastronomy flatters the palate and at the same time delighted eyes

One of the best chefs around the world and co-founder of molecular cooking of Ferran Adrià is regarded by many connoisseurs as the Salvador Dali of culinary art. While most cooks use ordinary and known ingredients and food at their original dishes, Adrià changed the shape and the taste of traditional food by biochimische and psysikalisch chemical processes! The molecular gastronomy triggered many discussions about the nutritional and health aspects of their unique masterpieces over the years. All however agree that this new style of cooking has a new food culture: must be simply experimenting with the unusual combinations and new forms, structures, colours and taste styles! The molecular cuisine challenges our imagination and provoked our extravagance. Everything you can imagine, can be implemented in practice – nothing is impossible!

Who’s the best?

molecular cuisine nickolas kurti

The term molecular gastronomy was introduced in 1988 by the Hungarian Phsysiker Nicholas Kurti and the French physical chemist of Hervé this. Their successors and today best molecular Chef de cuisine of the world include Heston Blumenthal of Michel Bras, Pierre Gagnaire in France, Great Britain and the Russian Anatoly come on.

The restaurant The Fat Duck in Bray, Berkshire enthusiastic guests with breathtaking interiour and cozy atmosphere, she impressed especially with culinary specialities offered here – ice Rüheiern and Bacon would be just one example from the rich palette of extravagant dishes!

The head chef of Noma in Copenhagen offers visitors its own interpretation of Nordic cuisine! Here “two Michelin twinkling” Star! El Celler de can Roca in Girona, Spain is considered the second-best restaurant around the globe – the chefs here brave experiment, their burning cooking passion finds expression in the ersklassigen, spectacular cuisine and extraordinary food presentations.

Molecular gastronomy – the three chefs from El Celler de can Roca

molecular cuisine chef cooks Spain

In The Bazaar in Los Angeles find the best foie gras in cotton candy! Not only the food menu, but also the beverage list seduces the guests here – the best specialties of the traditional Spanish cuisine stimulate appetite, while fantasy bartenders and their rich beyond the familiar and the innovative ideas of the chefs prepare the visitors a real joy of sense of!

Osteria Francescana in Modena was crowned with the award of “Best restaurant in the world of 2016”. The special, authentic Italian food of Chef Massimo Bottura is served here in an unconventional way and rips into the guest into a real vortex of new sensual sensations!

The molecular cuisine in Germany

molecular cuisine mannheim

Juan Amador and his restaurant Amador in Mannheim makes the classic dinner a real rousing show and inspired its visitors with the specialties falling out of the frame! Lures to try not only the price here, but also the cosy atmosphere will prompt you to complete relaxation. Catalogna Cologne catering brings the molecular cuisine right to your home in Cologne and transformed into an experience that later from your memory just not delete can be the food!

Substance in Berlin is waiting for a special blend of traditional haute cuisine and various molecular techniques on you! Can be in the hands of the world’s most experienced chefs and perceive the taste of the future!

You can experiment at home yourself and get a new taste

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Molecular gastronomy – innovative ideas and new sensual sensations

Molecular cuisine delicious dinner

Molecular gastronomy – giving you this experience just completely down!

Molecular cuisine innovative ideas

Molecular gastronomy is a true culinary art

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Molecular gastronomy – tagliatelle from saffron!

molecular cuisine

Molecular gastronomy – head chef Ferran Adrià

molecular cooking of ferran adria

The French Phykochemiker Hervé this

herve this molecular gastronomy

Molecular gastronomy – is The Fat Duck housed in a building from the 16th century

molecular cuisine best restaurants

The chef Heston Blumenthal

molecular cuisine chefs

Molecular gastronomy – Noma in Copenhagen is one of the best restaurants around the world

The head chef René Redzepi has boldly experimented with the ingredients

Molecular cuisine Denmark

molecular cuisine Executive Chef

Molecular gastronomy – El Celler de can Roca

Spain molecular gastronomy

The Bazaar in Los Angeles the gourmet enjoys a fairly large interest on the part

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Osteria Francescana and the chef Massimo Bottura strong competition have dropped in the last year

molecular cuisine delicious dinnermolecular cuisine innovative future eat

In the heart of the German capital Substance on your visit

molecular cuisine best restaurants

In the following, you will discover some culinary delights. A real treat for all the senses, or…?

molecular cuisine dishes

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molecular cuisine dishes top notchMolecular cuisine dishes salad

Molecular cuisine dishes fish

Molecular cuisine dishes spaghetti molecular cuisine dishes interesting

Molecular cuisine dishes soup