Moonstone Jewellery – The Gemstone, Which Brings Happiness And Hope

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The Moonstone brings happiness and hope

The Moonstone is a good Moon companion for millions of people around the world. As its name it reveals, he is strongly influenced by the phases of the moon.  Its properties have been increasing the growing moon. If he gets his cool emittance. At this time, the mineral being generated mythical and magical properties.

Gems effect: Moonstone

Moonstone jewelry moonstones gems Zodiac fish

moonstone jewellery gems Zodiac Moon stone stones

Full moon and the Moon stone

Moonstone jewelry gemstones Zodiac ring

Moonstone and signs of the Zodiac

The Moonstone unfolds its positive qualities most in the zodiac sign of Scorpio and Taurus. The positive effect of this stone is reflected above all in practical aspects. The temperament of the Taurus people is held in healthy frame. Known these exceed the limit of normal in the concerns of material problems. Thanks to the Moonstone which is bull rather than cheap just frugal, rather than fear of loss, he can start to think about investments. The Moonstone helps the Scorpions to hold the bouts of anger and other unwanted expressions of emotions under control.

Moon stone earrings

Moonstone jewelry gemstones zodiac earrings

The Moonstone and the full moon

All people who are born under a full moon, can very well be influenced by Moonstone. It is best if the jewelry with Moonstone silver chain is attached or of the silver. This precious metal is strong with the Moon connected and not as the gold with the Sun.

Moon stone ring

Moonstone jewelry gemstones Zodiac fish ring


Moonstone jewelry gemstones earrings hanging Zodiac

Bear Moon stone if you are born on the first day of the week

If you were born on the first day of the week, the Moonstone for you is also very soothing. Monday is used with the strong effect of the Moon in conjunction. The Moonstone protects from bad outside influences. You will be less dreamy, if you tend to. You get more energy if you just suffer from shortage of and empathy. This jewelry on the windowsill can be positioned in the House and he will contribute to the emotional balance in the whole House.

Beautiful Moon stone pendant

Moonstone jewelry pendant gems ZodiacMoonstone jewelry gemstones Zodiac pendantmoonstone jewellery gems Zodiac necklace

Gemstones and their effects

moonstone jewellery gems Zodiac chain pendant

Moon stone necklace

Moonstone jewelry gems Zodiac Moonstone necklace

Drop shaped Moonstone ring

Moonstone jewelry gemstones Zodiac ring teardrop-shaped

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