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You deal with the stress in the workplace learning

There is no denying that there’s much injustice in this world. But often we underestimated the responsibility also way too much. We can also say, when it comes to the stress in the workplace. Because if you more accurately and more critical would check the own motivation and attitude, it would turn out, that left a lot of space for bullying and artificial load from the outside.

If you also feel that you are exploited far too much in the workplace, you now should read this article. You can appreciate a also probably more realistically, what “Deserve it” and represent the “fault” of the chef and team.

Overcome the fear from your supervisor

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You realistically assess your powers?

Can it be that you assess yourself too unrealistic? Yes, at certain times you can work incredibly effective. However, this does not always work. You should also count the not so great stages and realistically convey the other what you can deliver good quality work and what actually does not. Under normal circumstances, this is not a disadvantage. As you view this among other things, that you have the ability to communicate openly and constructively, as well as to make realistic plans. Because these are not the characteristics of a Manager? Do you not show that have the properties for that position?

Even if the boss should not immediately enthusiastically respond to your cancellation to do something in knappster time, he would know if he is reasonable, to appreciate this. For workers who work with reliable quality, are also very important. In addition, you should understand the simple principle that every person needs diversion and relaxation. In the long run you not effectively can work otherwise, even with the best will.

Practice meditation in the workplace

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Also learn it to say ‘No’ colleagues

We spend much time at work and more often as the family members see the colleagues. Therefore, it is also to understand that it is us much because well need to be understood by them. Like in usual life, however it applies also here: should be liked the desire to be, do not fall victim to. They are only for all of the help, if you feel well. Overloading of tasks representing more a favor for other people, that doesn’t work rather.

Do you feel responsible for everything?

Do you have stress at work because you feel responsible for everything? In some people, is that in fact, and represents no imagination. But often, is merely a feeling. It can be that you take too much too much responsibility in the life. If you change this setting, or real situation, is located mostly on yourself. If someone imposes the responsibility, then you should try it with logical arguments, to advise them. What would happen, if you can go tomorrow for private reasons not to work? Neither has a profit of it, when the whole responsibility. Someone must be ready to take them over.

The modern, mobile communication often overcharged us

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The results of the stress study of technical insurance for 2013

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Stress makes us aggressive

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The main causes for and review strategies for the stress

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Work under pressure causes chronic pain

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Often also strong sleep disorders plague us

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Stress is our biggest enemy in the workplace

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Overwork and despair spread

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A soft anti-stress ball could help somewhat

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Simultaneous communication and little time

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Stunned and totally confused

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Time pressure and nervousness are your invisible colleagues

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At the end, you just give up

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Work stress can lead to depression

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