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Although the new targets for energy saving Regulation (EnEV) have entered into force in may 2014, many builders know and homeowners not their obligations regarding a certification.

Basically, an energy performance certificate has the task of providing accurate values of the energy consumption of the inhabitants of a House. It is the energetic quality of the building checked and found what contributes to a rapid Einordung of energy consumption and costs. Also, residential energy efficiency classes are mapped to (from A + to H), what are some advantages for home owners with.

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Are you about your energy performance certificate-obligation to investigate and you are just looking for a utility in Rheinland – Pfalz, or in the area of Lake Constance?  Then, the following information might be useful for you, no matter whether you are a property owner, landlord or tenant.

In advance, you should mention that there are generally two types of energy performance certificates (consumption-oriented and demand-orientated), depending on the statutory requirements are to you the choice. The permits are subject to a charge and any contrary, however, are governed by fines measure.

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But how can you be sure what ID to which real estate is determined?

For example, if the building until the year 1977 is built and has no more than 4 accommodation units, a demand-oriented energy performance certificate is required. The owner of later than 1977 built have the choice between consumption and demand-oriented identity, which in turn does not apply to new buildings.

The consumption-oriented energy performance certificate gives the values of the energy consumption of building occupants from the past 3 years and is dependent on the individual behaviour of the consumer.

You can easily download the application form to online on the Internet pages of your energy supplier under energy performance certificate.  In addition, you can make also an appointment with a consultant on-site.

The properties of a building and its location are considered in the demand-oriented energy performance certificate. Consultant inspect the residential building to determine its Primärenenergiebedarf.

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