“Normal” Food, Somewhere In The World As A Forbidden Food

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forbidden food pasta cheese

Forbidden foods that are completely safe with us

Yes, we know that you all have heard of food, which are banned the world one or other corner. But still many of you will surely be surprised by our list. Because some people are very common and are eaten in most of the countries en masse. So, one can hardly imagine that their use could be a problem somewhere. Read on and be amazed.

Pasta with cheese

In Norway, this is prohibited. This means above all the finished product. The reason for this is that the finished product contains a dye that is very damaging to the local health department.

Goose liver

forbidden food Goose liver delicacy

Foie gras and all products used are considered a delicacy. You should be really happy if you can eat them in good quality and good preparation. But there is a ban in India, Argentina, Israel and some other countries. The reason is the poor manner, how the animals are treated so that the liver reaches the necessary properties depending on the flavour standard.


forbidden food caviar luxury goods sector

Caviar in the list of forbidden foods only in a single country is actually. It’s Iran. The recitals are ecological. The population of the fish is too small.


forbidden food tomato ketchup

Ketchup should not be eaten by students in France. It is thought that this ruin the specific taste of the great French cuisine. What do you think?

Chocolate eggs

forbidden food chocolate eggs

No chocolate eggs may be eaten in a European country. This applies especially to the children. The small parts that are contained in it, can be very dangerous for the little ones. So is the explanation. Mentioned by the way, did you know that Italy is the homeland of this invention?


forbidden food pork

Well, this fact must be aware the majority of you. The world’s popular meat that you particularly like, especially in Europe, is prohibited for religious reasons in many countries around the world. In addition to Islam, also Judaism forbids its consumption.


forbidden food garlic

Garlic enters the list of forbidden foods not countries. But it’s a taboo that is widespread especially among the Buddhists in China, but also in other countries. This great prejudices against in many, they influenced cultures prevail.

Puff pastry with meat

forbidden food puff pastry meat

From the snack in your area do you know this great treat, or? This dish is very popular in many countries around the world. Unfortunately, you can get them as Somalis only under great restrictions. Because some traders had greatly endangered there the health of many people by poor quality, supplied them over a long period.

Unpasteurized milk

forbidden food fresh milk

We conclude our list with the forbidden foods for today with the non-pasteurized milk. You can not buy this in Canada. The recital is, as you can probably imagine, the danger of the spread of many diseases. You want to avoid that because of this ban.

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