Oral Hygiene – Some Facts About The Tooth Brush And Tooth Paste

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Looking back on the oral hygiene

Have you asked yourself Yes, how long it is, that people use toothbrushes? Someone with us in the Editorial Office has provided the last week this provocative question. You know what: we were all really shocked at the response.

Proper dental care was not always as easy as it is today

oral hygiene of the teeth right cleaning

Colored toothbrushes

proper dental care tooth brush Rosa Grün Blau

Before 3500, our ancestors have used tools for their oral hygiene and for the care of their beautiful smiles. In Babylon, the people at that time have chewed even small sticks thus to brush their teeth. Over time, these have evolved into larger objects. They looked like pins and have reminded a bit of time brushing.

Many years ago you took care of his smile

proper dental hygiene nice smile

Some residents of Australia and Africa still use similar tools to take care of their oral hygiene. In China, such dental sticks according to sources were used around 1600 BC.

The tooth brush with hair

What the modern form of the care to which oral hygiene concern with busts with hair, then there are the roots in Chinese history. Again around the time is about 1600 b.c. pointed winter hair of the Siberian pig were used for the preparation of the first tooth brushes.

The ancient Chinese have contributed much to the development of dental care

oral hygiene brushing your teeth toothbrush

It is admirable and funny but that, despite this progress, the Chinese had mythological belief about the origin of dental disease. They believed that they were caused by white worms with black heads. Also, they were firmly convinced that you can see it as soon as you removed the teeth.

William Addis

The inventor William Addis is the father of the contemporary version of the toothbrush. He has created this product in 1780. Bone and hair were used also animal. Not much different than the Chinese, or?

How is the modern toothbrush was invented?

oral hygiene William Addis toothbrush

After all, the Familiennachfolder by William Addis started a business from around 1800. It was successful and toothbrushes in Europe and Japan were sold. The mass production of toothbrushes but started in the United States. This fact is due to the year 1885.

The latest development of toothbrushes – production

Here are some important facts about the toothbrush, which is for our oral hygiene so fundamental. The natural hair have been replaced by synthetic in 1938. Only 21 years later, you had the first electric toothbrush on the market.

Select the most appropriate type of toothbrush for you

contemporary toothbrush oral history

The electric toothbrush – the last invention in dental care

electric toothbrush oral hygiene brushing teeth

Today, many people prefer the electric toothbrushes

A beautiful interracial couple in the bathroom brushing teeth

The tooth paste

Where’s the tooth paste but in our oral history? It is sooner than you think. Yet around the year 1550 date stories about different mixes for the dental care. At that time man has used mixtures of wax, honey and various plants. But before the ancient Greeks have used algae, talk, and even animal nails for teeth cleaning. But they have damaged the appearance of the teeth often. They were not aware about the destructive effect on the surface of the tooth of some funds. The mass production of toothpaste goes back to the 70s of the 19th century. This happened, as you probably can guess, in the United States.

How did it get to the today’s toothpaste?

oral hygiene teeth right brushing tooth brushes

Do not neglect the proper dental care

oral hygiene toothbrush Zahnpste right Zahnplege

Well, not everything that we today have experienced history, the tooth brush and tooth paste on the oral hygiene , is great and pleasant. But let’s be grateful for everything: all of these steps have led to excellent oral hygiene , nowadays every day at home, we must practice.

It is important that the children brush their teeth properly

proper dental care less young toothbrush

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