Orange Peel – 7 Golden Rules Against Cellulite

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orange peel Orange skin fighting

Understand and treat cellulite

No one would deny that the orange peel is a super serious problem, which affects all people. The consequences are to a large extent also psychological. You ruin the confidence of women who are affected. More than 70% of women have to deal with this challenge. It has orange skin, usually on the legs, the Po and the belly.

It is difficult to reduce the orange peel or even going on. That’s impossible but definitely not. Here are some tips that could be useful in this respect in any case.

Be aware, what actually represents the orange peel

orange peel anti cellulite massage

The rule applies here: you can fight what one knows, works better. With orange peel skin, it looks different in any case. The orange peel is very uncomfortable and does not meet the current needs of aesthetics. But, under no circumstances, you may think that it is a disease.

Usually, the education is related to the accumulation of fat, water and toxins. It is believed a connection with hormones. The fat cells accumulate under the skin, they spread and you have an uneven complexion in the end.

Tips for identifying the orange peel

Through the many images in the media you can confuse other the orange peel with something. It is associated with increase in certain areas. You can see that immediately. Still, the skin looks simply like this an orange. You have something like accounts to the skin.

They are particularly visible when pressing different areas

orange peel discovering skin handle

Factors that encourage the body peel significantly among women

Usually suffer from including women and the reasons are the hormones. But the bad eating habits also play a very important role. Did you know that the much less common than the Europeans about Asians have body peel?

7 golden rules, thanks to which you will keep the body peel

First, you should honestly answer the following question: you have a normal weight? Yes, have also the slender body peel. But by picking up, if you have some or more overweight, you will surely lose much of it. Alcohol, sugar, salt, are actually quite bad in this respect.

Citrus fruits are especially effective against cellulite

orange peel anti cellulite drinks

Second, you should learn how to combine the food. Pasta with meat with bread is very bad… You can afford even these dishes. But you need to be in reasonable, rather reduced quantities. In addition, you should avoid on them late in the evening.

Thirdly, you need to drink enough water.

For most people, the required amount is 1.5 liters per day

orange peel anti cellulite water drinking

Fourthly, they should be athletic, very active. You should combine intensive training with running, race walking 15 minutes a day.

Daily sports

orange peel anti cellulite gymnastics

Fifthly, you use special cosmetics. This can solve the problem itself, without further efforts. But it can speed up the process and contribute a lot to your good looks.

Find the right anti cellulite cream

orange peel anti cellulite cream

Sixth, they should promote the blood circulation. You may sit on never too long. Even if your work is connected to, regularly get up and move around.

Seventhly, don’t give up! Most people have the attitude that the orange peel is not to overcome. So they do not thrive in combating it. The cosmetics industry, who want to sell their products has a great post. But don’t give up! You can combat the orange peel.

Clean the skin with such massage brush

orange peel anti cellulite brush

Possible regularly visit wellness and Spa

orange peel anti cellulite beautiful legs

Yoga is also a perfect weapon against the orange peel

orange peel cellulite yoga asanas

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