Order Contact Lenses And Enjoy The Freedom “without Frames”

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The people who have a vision and wear glasses, know quite well how annoying this can be sometimes. You can get to used to wearing glasses, but the fogging and splashing in the rain is always an unpleasant thing. Continue to push some glasses on the nose or the constant shifting is annoying and provides a certain boundaries in various sports activities. But how good it is that we can live in a developed world and constantly take advantage of modern innovations. You can call such contact lenses.

The contact lenses are optical AIDS, belonging to the Visual AIDS and provide a better alternative to the glasses. With them you can short – and long-sightedness, astigmatism or presbyopia correcting. Even some complicated forms of refractive (Keratoconus, Anisometropia) can be with contact lenses well corrected, usually better than with a pair of glasses.

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Contact lens types

Every eyewear is suitable almost for contact lenses. It is important only to seek a professional advice from an optometrist first, to make the right decision. There are different types of contact lenses, so it doesn’t hurt to find out in detail about it.

When contact lenses radar.de you can order different contact lenses and buy, which correspond to your needs. This online store offers a wide range of contact lenses as well as also the necessary cleaning products and accessories to.

Hard contact lenses order

They are made from extremely lightweight plastic. This is good oxygen permeability and easily tolerated. These contact lenses are smaller than the cornea and feel hard. You can compensate for high numbers of diopter and corneal irregularity or-verkrümmung. Their shelf life is 2 years to 4 years. But the hard contact lenses should be adjusted very precisely. You can trigger the feeling of a foreign body.

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Soft contact lenses order

These contact lenses are flexible and they adapt better to the shape of the cornea. They are smaller than the rigid (hard) contact lenses. There are three types of soft lens – hydro gel lenses, Silikonhydrogellinsen and hybrid contact lens. All three lens types should be taken at night from the eye and kept in a special cleaning solution. The Silikonhydrogellinsen are better suited for a multi-day, continuous wear.  The hybrid contact lens are a combination of the advantages of hard contact lenses and the comfort of soft contact lenses. The soft contact lenses have different wear time – daily, two weeks, month – and year lenses.

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Order contact lenses – color lenses

Colored contact lenses are suitable for daily wear in the short and long sightedness or simply for cosmetic reasons only. This can increase the intensity of your eye color or even change. There are now a wide range of colors, patterns and materials on colored contact lenses to choose from. However, they require a fairly accurate adjustment, because each organ of sight is another form. This is really important and you should absolutely consult a specialist before purchasing your contact lenses.

No matter what lenses you choose, enjoy the totally new kind of freedom (without glasses) or enjoy your new IRIS color. Just see the world with different eyes!

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multifunctional contact lenses contact lenses order

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