Pajamas As Day Clothing Thinks The Fashion Of Serious!

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Pajamas Paris trend 2015 Vouge red outdoor satin

Wear Pajamas to sleep or to go out is the question of the year

The New Yorker and also the Paris fashion week show unheard and unseen this year namely: go in pajamas on the road. Seen on the catwalk, many celebrities follow the fashion trends as the only salvation from the heat.

Pyjamas short and unspectacular history begins in the 17th century in England. At that time, pajamas considered clothing for lounging. Shortly thereafter disappeared the Pajamas from the fashion scene.

In the 20’s and into the 70-ies the boudoir vibe is woken up again shortly

Pajamas Paris trend 2015 Vouge red out Greta Garbot

In 1870, the sleeping suit reappeared in the West in the form of a pair of trousers to sleep for men.

Then, the Pajamas was again called in life and modified with pockets. In 2000, practical Pajamas with bags come back in fashion. Very important accessories to wear at that time were the mobile phones in the pockets. In recent years, you wore a portion of the sleeping suit often as an element of the day clothes.

It all depends on the combination!-this eccentric mix of style brings luxury, comfort and love to beautiful fabrics together

Pajamas Paris trend 2015 Vouge red out on

The world of celebrities responded fastest when it comes to fashion trends

Pajamas Paris trend 2015 Vouge red out prominent

Elegant presentation with appropriate hairstyle and unobtrusive design

Pajamas Paris 2015

What fits together, do fit together!

Pajamas Paris trend 2015

Casual bedroom feeling

The fashion designers give us a reason to wear our pajamas in public.

Delightful fuelled Negligees, satin shirts, fabrics and garments that have a fixed place in the Boudoirs, be brought from fashion through the flower to the light of day this year (especially in the winter).  Almost inconspicuous fashion designers take over many of our winter sleep Ankleide-habits and complete with cuddly and cozy sweaters or even winter coats.

Staged classic Pajama stripe-bildschön


Also famous actors take part in first-class fashion shows

Pajamas Paris trend 2015 men Pajama

This elegant and sporty collection is simply extremely appealing

Pajamas Paris trend 2015 Vouge red outside Cardigan

No sensation may be to insert Pajamas in the day wardrobe.  However, the new luxury winter silhouette characterized by dignified, thoughtful and mature elegance.

For luxury scented silk jumpsuit

Nyfw 2015 Pajamas

Masculinity and elegance is the tendency for the winter of 2015/2016

Pajamas Paris trend 2015 DandG

Women’s or men’s pyjamas: it remains undecided

The main question of fashion this year is “What to wear most people Sunday morning?” At the Paris fashion week 2015 was set filtering tendency after 5 days in men fashion. For spring and summer 2016 should the men appear one last time in tight jeans and make the way free for their comfortable pajamas.

Emancipated Greta Garbo silhouette and pampering and tender men – fashion bohemenhaft and remain free. You’re back in!

This silk pajamas is fantastic complemented by the majestic House coat

Pajamas 2015 Vouge red

After getting just overstay the Eko-fur coat, apply lipstick and start the day

Pajamas Paris trend 2015 Vouge red outside Bohemenhaft

Despite casual trend in winter by 2015/2016 the men fashion is very masculine

Pajamas Paris trend 2015 Vouge red outdoor lounge

Pure, luxury emphasized femininity and a very free body attitude – prescribe that the fashion designer

Pajamas Paris Louis Vuitton

Brave, confident and viril – fashion is grateful also for the men’s world

Pajamas Paris trend 2015 men

Now it is legitim-pajamas may be placed officially in accordance with Highheals

Pajamas Paris trend 2015 Vouge fashion

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