Pay By Phone Or What Payment Options Would Be Possible In The Future?

Posted on Jul 27, 2016

With mobile pay-appeared until recently to be utopian

How the payment tomorrow?

On the subject of cashless payment transactions is a lot of talk. More and more techniques are developed for cashless payments. One assumes that cash in the future at all will play no role, and there could be abolished completely. Already, there are more and more to let the money exchange opportunities at home.

Apple Watch or with mobile bezahlen-that will soon no one be surprised

illu Apple Watch pay with cell phone

Maybe to be paid in the future solely via Smartphone or other futuristic devices (by ways of verification by thumbprint, not to mention iris scan or implanted chip). But any new technology poses new risks, many of which often are not evident before the introduction. If I lose my money, my money is gone. I lose the whole wallet I must care already ID card, driving licence, etc…. At the time we can pay partly with mobile and what payment options would be possible in the foreseeable future?

pay Beatrice with cell phone

Rapid development in the world of finance

In the financial world a lot has happened in recent years. The introduction of novel payment systems through the development of new financial products until the invention of digital currencies such as bit coin and co., the future has arrived already in the financial world. For the financial world, cash has become a tiresome relic from the past that you do without better. Cashless payment means in the rule pay electronically and electronic systems may be very well monitored.

Comfortable and smart system

with mobile pay Beatrice title illustration future command virtual money

Complete abolition of cash?

Even if this idea at present is still a little unbelievable sounds, he by no means outlandish. End 2018, for example, license will be abolished at least once the 500 euro, who had never heard Bill, by the Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble until a decision on his removal on the part of the ECB. Reason for the abolition is apparently the fact that criminals use this Bill apparently prefers for their businesses. The logic behind this idea must itself not everyone open up, yet you can see on the basis of such decisions, that the abolition of cash is theoretically feasible, as long as the right reasons are found.

Is a future without cash this possible?

pay Beatrice nfc mobile phone

and what will be waiting for us?

with mobile pay Beatrice title illustration future command virtual eye pupilHauptargument simplification

Advocates of the abolition of cash constantly emphasize the supposed benefits of a cashless payment transactions. Certainly, the idea is tempting to heavy purses in the future to be able to do without. This is forgotten but that it is already possible to pay cash and many consumers make use of credit card, debit, MasterCard and co. More and more companies offer the option of paying with the mobile, pay-per-call “or similar hot corresponding offers. Still, these deals are in their infancy and are used by a small percentage of consumers.

Shorter distances, and payments without delays

Shahin title pay illustration with cell phone

Easier, faster, and mobile

with mobile pay Beatrice title illustration future command modern technologies

with mobile pay Beatrice title illustration future command options

Developments take time to enforce: example IBAN calculator

Total man is but rather an inert being very tied to his habits. Many, especially older people even today no longer come after the rapid development. You can see that for example because that today some one still not on the IBAN method has changed, or conventional bank code and account number used and you therefore need a good IBAN calculator from the Internet posing at all to make, which transfer data you should enter in the banking sector. The example of IBAN calculator clearly shows that things continue often slower pace than you previously might think.

How secure is the cashless future?

pay with mobile Judy nfc chart

Therefore, it will take certainly still a while until appropriate non-cash offers are also widely used. Probably, the debate about the pros and cons will not abate until then. How you get paid tomorrow (or the day after tomorrow), can be only roughly estimated at present. It is likely there’s a mix of various methods of payment, even if different from today’s circumstances. Ultimately that will prevail, what is easiest for the consumer, once the infrastructure has been created and the dealers accept appropriate techniques and offer.

Everything at the push of a button

with mobile pay Beatrice title illustration future command

Virtual money coming

with mobile pay Beatrice title illustration future command virtual money

We remain curious

with mobile pay Beatrice title illustration future command virtual money mobile banking2

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