Piment-where, When And How Use We This All Spice?

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Piment the finds of Columbus

This spice has been discovered for the first time by Christopher Kolumbus and described. The similarity with black pepper and his site led Columbus to call the Spice allspice. Columbus took the spice with him to Spain and gave him the name “Pimienta”, which simply means pepper in Spanish.

Pimienta was called the all spice because it is so similar to the pepper

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Important part in the Spice mixture during the advent season

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The fruits of Piments are green, immature and round and get a deep brown color, which they more resemble the known black pepper during drying. The balls of Piments are just bigger and its taste is even more intense. The scent of Piments is confusing and times recalls Carnation times in cinnamon, nutmeg times. In some areas, the Spice as allspice is known and is an indispensable part of the advent spice mixture. In the Indian and Arabian cuisine is the allspice in the Curry vegetable mixture comes in. Combined with Juniper and Bay leaves the pimento makes even tastier the Sauerbraten or other dishes.

The berries grow on the tree called Pfeffermyrthe

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With this aromatic Marvel, seasoned meat and fish, prepared Marinades and sauces for wild, and several refined carfully. It is a good idea to put some of the grains in the Christmas punch or the Claret. Placing the usual mulled wine to a very special and individual aroma notes.

Because of the fragrance, which evokes cinnamon and clove, the allspice is called even all spice

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The beloved gingerbread include also this wonder spice

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You can combine allspice with black pepper, bay leaf, celery tuber, or garlic. With the aromatic berries should not be exaggerated. Use grains of about 2-3 per 4 portions so that you avoid an overdose. It is indeed difficult to taste the seasoning in a dining out and because of the many associations with the taste of the fruits of the Pfeffermyrthe are called nor all spice or allspice.

The flour mixed with aromatic spices, has a very different meaning for the senses

allspice in the flour into

If it takes you too long until Christmas, you can bake cookies to the Helloween

allspice Helloween cookie

Some of them must think up to the first Sunday of advent

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The allspice berries are harvested intentionally immature, because of the high percentage of Eugenol – main component of essential oils in the allspice, which is present also in the cloves.

In Jamaica, where the Pfeffermyrthe comes, the allspice and the therein contained oils are used as a natural remedy. From this, the Jamaicans prepare aromatic and Medicinal teas.

Aromatic spices change the character of any traditional drink or meal

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Also select the make more fun with an exotic blend of spice wreaths

pimento allspice cardamom

With a few piment, you can change a lot of grains

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In severe disease, regular intake of drugs, pregnancy and lactation, it would be advisable to visit an expert advice, before you put allspice into.

The scent of cookies is retained in an airtight Tin can long

PI ment Tin

And if you ate enough of them, you can use the grains are still otherwise

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