Pomegranates Health In Ruby Red

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pomegranate fruits young cuts

One should eat pomegranate every day to be youthful longer

The pomegranate is a tree or bushes, which like dry climate and makes its home in Iran. In the Mediterranean region, in the South – East Asia and also in the tropical layer of Africa the pomegranate is cultivated, precisely because of its edible and health qualities.

The tree can be up to 8 metres high, this happens very rarely. Where developed the plant without human influence, the trees are actually as big as a shrub.

In the Middle East, one given away pomegranate for good luck baby

Garnet Apple fruit tree

The pomegranate has a surprisingly large amount of anti-oxidizing substances

pomegranate fruits young

The leaves are small, narrow and long. The colour of the fruit is reddish orange, spherical and about the size of an orange or grapefruit with a yellow or red skin. Yellowish or white mass is located between the skin and the edible core.  There are hundreds pink, red or Maroon juicy seeds, which are the seeds of the pomegranate inside the fruit.  The succulent seeds are edible and have a when acidic taste.

In the cores of the aromatic juice is

Garnet Apple fruits young cuts seeds

From the outside the cores and the juice through a leather-like shell are protected

Garnet Apple fruit

Hundreds of juicy seeds are in a single fruit

Garnet Apple cut young fruits and much

Many health qualities are prescribed the red fruit. The pomegranate is called still “remedy”, because it strengthens the body’s defenses and has a preventive effect against many diseases.

The pomegranate fruit is healthy for the heart, decreases the harmful cholesterol and slows the development of cancer cells. Also balances the blood sugar to the pomegranate.

Eating pomegranate helps while stretching out the blood vessels and decreases blood pressure.

The Pomegranate juice is a very good vitamin C dispenser

Garnet Apple young fruits juice

In the Arab world will be cooked like and often with pomegranate

Garnet Apple fruits

He is Heavenly delicious, combined with walnut and spinach

Garnet Apple young fruits cores cut up fruit

Other ingredients in the exotic fruit to combat intestinal parasites. The shell of the pomegranate is known as “Killer” of viruses and microbes. It is often applied to heal skin irritations and wounds.

The pomegranate has still a good feature: it works perfect against fatigue and gives us lots of energy.

The juice of the pomegranate can permanently quench the thirst

The seeds look like small jewel Garnet Apple young fruits slicing small

Garnet Apple young fruits cut cores

A glass pomegranates secret body juice a day with 40% of the required amount of vitamin C. Also can be applied externally the pomegranate as a skin cleanser.

The pomegranates juice helps the blood circulation and improves the work of the male reproductive system.

Some believe that the daily food of Pomegranate (along with the white flesh) have a rejuvenating effect.

The red fruit was used many years ago as a medicine

Garnet Apple cut up fruits young

Today you make of aromatic drinks it

Garnet Apple Margarita

Field salad with nuts and pomegranate seeds is something very special

Garnet Apple Salad

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