Porcelain Chinese Masterpiece

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porcelain tableware Dinnerware set define typeWhat do you know about China?

The porcelain tableware is very valuable and has a high decorative value. Such pieces won’t cost as much as before, as they have been equated to the gold price. However, Dinnerware sets from genuine porcelain nowadays also very high value. The price is so high for many reasons. Among other things, even centuries-old traditions in the porcelain production play an essential role. You guarantee its consistent quality.

The fine material was many years ago for the first time brought to Venice

porcelain Dinnerware Wohnaccsessoires Porzelllan doll red hair

A story that began more than 1300 years ago

More than 1000 years, only the Chinese knew the formula for the production of porcelain. This has been carefully protected and so you had monopoly on trade with this so valuable material. 300 years ago but revealed the secret of porcelain manufacture. Since that time, there are also other countries which produce porcelain. In the production of English porcelain added to yet a new substance to the traditional materials.

Along with the fine ceramic Chinese tea culture also brought to Europe

porcelain tableware of Wohnaccsessoires broken porcelain cup gold trim

Thus, it guaranteed the slightly lighter and purer colour of the porcelain pieces. We recognize regional differences also in the manner how to providing them with glitter and decorated. Often used the colors of gold, silver and Platinum.

The porcelain crockery and porcelain dolls have a high value

porcelain Dinnerware of Wohnaccsessoires earrings with stone

Often they are painted by hand

butter dish ceramic tableware of Wohnaccsessoires Teacup

butter dish ceramic tableware of Wohnaccsessoires broken porcelain tableware stylish

Cheap imitation

The old tradition in production could protect the porcelain from cheap imitation. Quite on the contrary, there are more and more cheap imitations. Often used for the manufacture of these types of porcelain. The difference is however quite large: the porcelain is lightweight and has very thin walls. Nevertheless, it is very resistant. At the imitations, we have to do with exactly the opposite: the material has a very firm but fragile.

The expensive ceramic requires special handling

porcelain Dinnerware of Wohnaccsessoires porcelain vases original expensive

The price range is highly dependent on the quality of the material

porcelain Dinnerware of Wohnaccsessoires broken Porzellanstüche

A porcelain doll is much more of a gift than a toy

porcelain Dinnerware Wohnaccsessoires Porzelllan doll Rothe hair the most expensive

Some products are simply in the Museum

butter dish ceramic tableware of Wohnaccsessoires broken porcelain bowl

To recognize the porcelain tableware, also on the typical for porcelain color. It is milky white. When crashing, you hear a beautiful noise. One of the best features of China is that it preserves the quality of the food for a very long time.

Ever more valuable, the painstaking care of the vessel

Painted porcelain Dinnerware of Wohnaccsessoires

Due to the current Shabby Chic trend

butter dish ceramic tableware of Wohnaccsessoires broken porcelain casket

From culinary point of view, the porcelain is also particularly valuable, because it keeps the temperature of the cooked food and so the food for a long time stays warm.

Its glaze plays an important role for the quality of the porcelain object

porcelain Dinnerware of Wohnaccsessoires tea Dinnerware blue

The care of China

Porcelain is beautiful, but this is also a challenge for the budget. You can put the porcelain sets for example definitely not in the dishwasher. The material itself is very durable. However, you risk to destroy the glaze. Rather, flush the porcelain by hand with cool or cold water.

It is not advisable to wash the good dishes in the dishwasher

porcelain tableware of Wohnaccsessoires tableware set cherry blossoms

Unless nothing else is prescribed by the manufacturer

butter dish ceramic tableware of Wohnaccsessoires vase with Buffalo

Consult well before buying an expensive Porzellanerzeugnises

butter dish ceramic tableware of Wohnaccsessoires broken porcelain vase

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