Poverty Definition What Does This Word Mean For You?

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poverty definition Helmut Newton

Definition of poverty starts with thinking

Often ask themselves the question: where does all my money go because? Why is my account empty at the end of the month?  What are these invisible holes, where our money in every time? We may have some answers to these important questions. We list for you some typical habits, which lead many people to money problems even at a well-run budget!

Everything begins in our minds. Although there are areas in the world where poverty is determined by objective criteria independent of the usual people. In wealthy societies, but the definition of poverty begins already in the head.

We Europeans know no poverty

poverty definition empty wallet

Poverty a very elastic term

poverty definition Mother Teresa

More spending than the growth of income

Some people start to spend immediately excessively at an increase of their income. You should try to keep spending even when wage increases consistently. So, you have the opportunity to save money.

Not thinking about the future?

In the past, as well as to be focused on the future are no good options. On the other hand can look forward something, to provide spending and to prepare for it. You have more spending, not in the winter? If you get in the summer times nearly with the budget, what is left for this season? Put something to the page!

Some believe they are poor, because they have no savings

poverty definition save

It is never too early to save

Some people feel too young to save. Are you also? Real? Why exactly? Saving can be done in a smaller and larger size. If you start saving now, it can be that you have money for a spontaneous vacation next summer. Isn’t it great that sound? You would be in a month for this step very grateful.

others are happy and frugal

poverty definition shoes

Strike a balance

One annoying thing that rapidly discard many people is to list everything, where it has spent money. There are also other ways to strike a balance. Keep out E.g. the “larger” issues. Then you know exactly how much money you’re wasting for “Odds and ends”.

If some money is left, it can be saved or donated

poverty definition piggy bank

No or inadequate budget?

You need a realistic and well-planned budget. The planning for this should be done every month. Make it and stick to! This is the basis for financial stability. If you keep a realistic budget in mind, you would spend for unnecessary things money less frequently.

A good financial planning controls and stabilizes your spending

poverty definition plan

Know exactly what you want and what you need,

You need to keep these three categories in terms of: things that you need. Things that are good to have; Things that constitute unnecessary spending. Share all items in these categories. So bring the priorities in order.

and puts an end to the barren bank account

poverty definition financial planning

Long-term goals

As we all know from experience, expenditure from the second and third category will bring much pleasure. How should you going to it but, to be lost. The answer is in the higher motivation. Set the overarching goals and keep them in mind. Then you would remember more easily, why it is OK to abandon even the small pleasures.

Wealth and poverty are not financial conditions

poverty definition India

Don’t ignore your debt

Make paying off the debt a high priority! The latter shall ensure that every month not 0, but minus didn’t start?

Frugality must be learned

poverty definition waste

You need not all the new equipment and accessories to which exist on the market

Yes, the new electronic devices represent a great temptation for all of us. They are exciting, interesting… They are like toys for the children. But rather, shopping should be adapted to your real value. Spend less on such products. So you have more resources, more enjoyable in the real world instead of having in the virtual world.

For many people, the health is the greatest wealth

poverty definition health

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