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Posted on May 22, 2015

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10 fascinating facts about the Prince William

Prince William is 32 years old and he is already the father of two children. We use this occasion to tell few facts about him, that are anyway exciting and interesting.

What do you know really about the Prince?

Prince William interesting celebrities

The Prince in uniform

Prince William uniform celebrity fun facts

How is his full name and what titles has he?

Prince William Arthur Philip Louis is the full name of the Prince William .

He is Duke of Cambridge, Earl also Baron of Carrickfergus remains of Strathearn. He is also King’s Knight of high order

lifestyle trends Prince William interesting information

Art and films

The Prince is also the patron of the arts 2010 and the new President of the Film Academy of the coast.

William and Kate take a walk together

Prince William Kate lifestyle trends interesting

William and Kate are but a beautiful couple!

lifestyle celebrity Prince William Kate


As we have already mentioned, he already is father of two children – a Boy George and a girl Charlotte. The first was on July 22, 2013 and the second recently, born on May 2, 2015.

The unforgettable wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton

Prince William Kate wedding

The Prince with his wife and their son

lifestyle trends interesting Prince William Kate Sohn

Date of birth

The date of birth of Prince William is on the 21 Other famous people were born on this. This is the case for example with the singer Lana del Ray. On the same date has also Brandon flowers, the lead singer of the killers birthday.

The Prince smiling

lifestyle trends Prince William facts

Favorite music

Prince William is a big fan of the singer Eli Golding. She was invited to sing at his wedding with Kate Middleton, now Duckess of Cambridge.

Invisible for a day

Asked, he gave a very interesting answer what he doing probably would do if he were invisible for a day. He said he would go to the Editorial Department of a major British magazine, there to hear what the journalists probably to tell about him.

The Prince, writing with the left hand

Prince William with the left hand Schreiebend

Prince William loves the candy

In many ways, the Prince is still a little boy. He like so much candy! In particular, he eats at the sweetheart banana ice cream.

What you find in EBay under his name

If you in eBay under his name goods search, many different results come out. The ads are almost 7000. These are Christmas cards, crockery and cutlery with signing of the important events, such as by his wedding for example. There are also great toys.

More time for Grandma and Grandpa

He has announced 2014, after a seven-year service, that he is leaving the air force. He served there for long, but now he would like to have more time the Queen of England and his Grandpa – the Duke of Edinburgh for his Grandma.

The Prince with his grandmother

lifestyle trends Prince William with grandmother

Activity in the service of the poor

Prince William is determined to devote continued charitable activities. He sees this as a extension of the initiatives, which has begun his mother. 2009 he spent a night on the Blackfriars Bridge to support a public campaign on behalf of poor people.

Prince William as a young man

Prince William as of young man

Proud attitude

Prince William photos interesting

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