Princess Victoria Of Sweden – A Charming Heiress To The Throne

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Princess Victoria of Sweden interesting facts

Super interesting facts about Princess Victoria

The princesses of today are very different. You are exalted far above us in many ways, but have at the same time properties, which can serve us as a model. They show us that not just money and outer properties enough to be worthy of the highest positions in this world. We find that this can be demonstrated clearly by the example of Princess Victoria.

For this reason, we have made us a collection of their most striking properties. Would you like our results?

Princess Victoria of Sweden

H.K.H. Kronprinsessan Victoria, H.R.H. Crown Princess Victoria

She is now 38 years old

She is 38 years old and still in the heyday of your youth, what’s your enthusiasm and your appearance. She was born as the first child in the Swedish Royal family.

Her fate changed after the year 1979

Princess Victoria’s fate has changed considerably in the year 1979. Until then, women not on the throne were allowed. But reforming special 1979 has changed that. Since that time it is Crown Princess and must occupy them after your parents first. Thus it is a step ahead the Prince Phillip.

She is the Crown Princess – a worthy successor of the throne

Princess Victoria of Sweden wedding day with Daniel Westling

A worthy successor of the throne

Today, Princess Victoria perhaps is one of the few ladies from your rank in fact substantially concerned with the throne as a theme.

One of the successors of the British Throne

Thanks to your father, she is also a successor to the British Throne. She did her father Carl Gustaf to owe. Although she is number 205 on the list, but still.

Royal radiance

Princess Victoria of Sweden elegant Red

The possible fourth Queen

If once Princess Victoria would occupy in fact the Swedish throne, then this would be a Queen on the throne of Sweden only the fourth time since the year 1720 -!

An incredibly good education

With their training, Princess Victoria has become really hard. First, she has studied France in anger, and then at Yale University in the United States. Still, she has completed an internship at the Swedish Embassy in Washington. She completed after a service in the army. In your list, there’s also an internship in the UN in New York and at the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Paris and Berlin. A course with lectures held her at the Swedish University for defence.

A smart beautiful woman

Princess Victoria and Daniel Westling in Hamburg husband

Not to mention, there are also the diplomas from the internship to the Swedish representation in the EU and the University of Uppsala. She has acquired a Bachelor’s degree in social sciences in the second case.

The work in the Royal Court

As Crown Princess Victoria has also now very busy. Anyway, if their parents are overloaded, she must assume the official visits and is present on many events and official ceremonies.

A popular godmother

Princess Victoria is preferred as a godmother. These include Prince of Denmark, Greece and Norway.

With her own baby daughter Estelle

Princess Victoria of Sweden family man and child

Princess Estelle and her great MOM

Princess Victoria of Sweden and your daughter

A bad disease

in 1997 it was officially communicated that Princess Victoria suffers from anorexia. It has been at that time at the Court very hard so that she can rest in peace, without feeling any pressure.

The reminder is very difficult for the Princess. She tells itself about this time, that she had an eating disorder and a very deep depression. She has at the time, says she does not really exist. At that time, she had the feeling that the intake of food was the only for them what they could control.

Princess Victoria of Sweden and Daniel Westling

Princess Victoria of Sweden wedding day

The love

Up to the acquaintance with Daniel Westling, Princess Victoria was with Daniel Collert. The latter is a well-known banker and knew himself with Princess Victoria since her youth. You have officially announced their relationship. The Royal family has, however, agreed. Princess Victoria had to decide between him and the throne. There was not a happy ending for both.

The Princess who married Daniel Westling in 2010

Princess Victoria of Sweden and Daniel Westling wedding

Their second great love is your sports coach. She has met him in 2002. He also has no aristocratic origin. But clearly, it was not that the parents didn’t want the first selected. Or maybe your illness has played an essential role. Until 2009, it has not accepted to the relationship in public. Instead, Victoria with Daniel Westling is married.

A magnificent wedding ceremony

Princess Victoria of Sweden and Daniel Westling

Magnificent ceremony

Certainly is one of the things which people from the life of the princesses love the most, their wedding celebrations. This was really gorgeous Princess Victoria. There were more than 1200 guests – one more important than the other. One has declared the ceremony as the most magnificent 1981 since that of Charles and Diana.

A fairytale wedding

wedding of Princess Victoria of Sweden and Daniel Westling

The father leads the bride to the altar

wedding of Princess Victoria of Sweden Daniel Westling

Happily married – the first wedding dance

Princess Victoria of Sweden marries Daniel Westling

The newly married family surrounded by children

Princess Victoria of Sweden and Daniel Westling wedding day

Royal Junior – Princess Estelle

Princess Victoria of Sweden and daughter Princess Estelle

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