Probiotics Support On Your Health Naturally

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probiotics fiber beans healthy

Why do we need these actually probiotics?

To deter that our body is a small universe, which consists of many different parts, at the thought? The micro-organisms are very many and we have to find a way to control them. Otherwise we are just not very good.

The good and bad bacteria

Just described there are bacteria that bad do us good, and others that us. Particularly the Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria belong to the good, to the bad Clostridium difficile for example. This bacteria causes severe diarrhea especially after an antibiotic treatment.

In the space of bacteria

probiotics good bacteria lactic acid bacteria

Probiotics and Prebiotics

One must distinguish between the probiotics and the Prebiotics. The first are actually useful micro-organisms that are alive in sufficient quantities in the intestine. These bacteria are resistant to the stomach and bile acids, and thus enters the large intestine. The latter in turn are fiber, i.e. indigestible food components. What is important is that the Prebiotics like “eaten by the good bacteria in the colon”. Logically, a larger amount of fiber stimulates the growth and activity of these bacteria, which ensure positive effects to the organism.

Healthy intestinal flora healthy food

probiotics healthy intestinal flora good bacteria

Natural sources of probiotics

There are many natural sources of probiotics. These are the yogurt, bread and the products which have been created from it. You should try to integrate them as far as possible in your daily life.

Especially for the yogurt products, there are very many variations that have been enriched with probiotics

probiotics beneficial bacteria Lactobacillus bifidus bacteria

When should we take probiotics as a supplement?

Sometimes it doesn’t work out in everyday fast with the balanced nutrition just. That’s why you accesses to the accessories in the form of useful ingredients. In the following situations, you should consider this possibility:

If we eat Fast Food;
If you took too many antibiotics.
Gastro intestinal problems of various kinds;
After a serious infection;
A number of gynecological problems.
For the cleaning of the organism;

Always ensure a nutritious breakfast, rich in fiber

probiotics dietary fiber healthy breakfast

The optimal environment

We should take not only enough probiotics. Optimally, we should create a healthy environment for their development. So we must watch that we take enough Prebiotics to himself.

In this case, there are a number of foods which are rich in Prebiotics. Include garlic, onion, whole wheat flour, oatmeal, beans. Do you now understand why it is important that 2/3 of our food should have a vegetal character?

The good bacteria in the body promote whole grains

probiotics Vollkorn products pasta

Eat different varieties of beans

probiotics dietary fiber beans plants

Even more important things that are related with probiotics and Prebiotics:

The babies are sterile from the birth. You must take very many useful substances, so that a balance is achieved. Also the first months after birth are of fundamental importance;
Appendix is not a body that there is not useful and easy; It serves as a storage area for the good bacteria. You may have removed this only in emergency!
The lack of probiotics is reflected also in their appearance. For example, it can be explained so many skin problems. So, from this point of view, you should consider the sufficient growth of probiotics!

Try to save your life with more probiotics by eating right! Very soon you will notice great results. We promise you!

Discover the multi-faceted world of spices

probiotics dietary fiber spices herbs

Prebiotics natural sources

probiotics dietary fiber raw food

Lentils, peas and raspberry often put into

probiotics peas lentils raspberry

Every day fresh vegetables

probiotics fresh vegetable fiber

Pay attention to a balanced diet

probiotics food fresh healthy

Low in calories and high in fiber

probiotics potato varieties healthy

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