Pudding Itself Make – Prepare Delicious Summer Sins To!

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pudding itself making fruit syrup

How to make a light, delicious pudding itself

The beautiful summer is already with us and presented us with warm sunshine, fresh air, delicate aroma and delicious fruits. It is the season of relaxation and pampering, but also the garden parties and the travel. Like every other season, summer has also its very specific taste. He tastes like fresh strawberries, fragrant berries and cream on cream. A heavenly sweetness prevails around us and makes us dream of an endless happiness. Everything seems to be available, nothing is impossible! Yes, the summer offers many temptations and adventure of any way us. It is left to us, which of them we would accept.

Today is with us again to tasty temptations. We would like to introduce a smart idea for a delicious summer pudding. They can use as base and implement your own interpretation. Look how it is done.

Make simple summer pudding itself

pudding itself make forest fruit fresh cream


300 g strawberries
250 g blueberries
100 g currants
500 g raspberries
175 g of fine sugar
7 slices stale bread

How is it done:

1 step:

Prepare the fruit by cleaning them and wash. For now, let the strawberries on the side.

2 step:

Give the fruits (except strawberries) in a large saucepan and cook on medium flame about 3-5 minutes long. Stir continuously. Beware not to overcook the fruit. You should always have fresh taste and smell.

You can prepare several smaller puddings desire

pudding itself making fresh fruit Strawberry Jam

3 step:

Take the pan off the heat. Put the slices of bread in the pudding Bowl and overlap them by pushing together the edges of the bread. Try to fill each Groove nice with small pieces of bread, so no juice out can flow.

4 step:

Then fill the fruit mixture and the juice (up to 2/3 a cup) in the pudding Bowl on the bread. Distribute the strawberries here and there. Cover the pudding with a further slice of bread. Place a small dish or coaster on top of it. Best you put have a weight of about 2 kilos. Let the pudding then over night in the refrigerator to cool.
5 step: Short before serving turn over the custard on a wide Servierteller and distribute the remaining fruit juice with a spoon out. Garnish with fruit or jam and fresh cream.

Good appetite!

Heavenly pudding bites

pudding itself making fresh fruit jelly

Healthy idea in the glass – Chia seeds, nuts, banana and Kiwi

pudding itself make Chia Kiwi banana nuts

Exotic pleasure with mango and Mint

pudding itself make Chia mango coconut

Breakfast indulgence with raspberries, pumpkin seeds and Chia

pudding itself make Chia seed raspberry pumpkin seeds

Discover the miracle food Spirulina

pudding itself make Chia Spirulina strawberries blueberries

Dragon fruit cream, pudding with Pistachio

pudding itself make Dragon fruit vanilla nuts

Great taste and vitamins of plenty of

pudding itself making light cream fresh raspberries strawberries

For real raspberries fanatics

pudding itself making light raspberry

Healthy summer dessert with fruit puree and vanilla, and nuts

pudding itself make nuts vanilla mashed fruit

A dream of flaky cream and sweet mango

pudding itself make mango vanilla cream

Super stylish may mean also super healthy

pudding itself make quinoa strawberries avocado vanilla

Decorate your summer pudding according to your own taste

pudding itself make summer recipe of delicious

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