Quiche Recipe: How To Prepare For A Classic Quiche Lorraine?

Quiches – savoury cake French style

We continue with a few delicious recipe ideas. After the pancake batter, we would like to make shortcrust pastry and prepare a delicious Quiche.

Home to the Quiche is France, where the cake is served traditionally as a hot starter or enjoyed as a main dish with a fresh salad.

Today let us culinary treat… exactly as how the French great master that – with a piece of vegetable quiche and a glass of dry wine.

Quiche recipe with spinach and whole slices tomatoes

vegetable quiche recipe spinach and tomato mini quiches

And so we can enjoy a delicious dinner in a French way, we need to make us now to work. The quiche recipe is definitely not difficult or time consuming. They can get even a finished pastry from the refrigerated section of you who like it even faster.

Actually, the basic ingredients for a Quiche are the same as for the preparation of a pancake batter – flour, eggs, milk, salt and butter.

The shortcrust pastry (not necessarily) prepared milk approx. 150 g of butter, an egg, and possibly 3 Tablespoons from 250 g flour, a pinch of salt. Would you bake a vegan cake, then replace the egg with some cold water and give just any milk into the mixture. You use vegan margarine instead of butter.

For the filling, you can take any vegetables and/or meats, cheeses and fish. The Quiche is so to speak the perfect cake for recipes with leftovers.

Enjoy broccoli Quiche with red wine

cheese broccoli quiche recipe delicious recipes Quiche pastry

The classic quiche is Lorraine, named after the region in France, originated the hearty cakes. The traditional Quiche Lorraine is filled with Bacon, onions and leeks. The exact recipe is just below.

What ingredients do you need to prepare the classic Quiche Lorraine?

Ingredients for shortcrust dough:

♦ 250 g flour♦ 1 egg/organic egg♦ 160 g cold butter♦ 1 pinch of salt

Ingredients for the filling:

♦ 100 g Diced Bacon♦ some butter for frying♦ 1 stick leek♦ 1 onion♦ 4 large eggs/organic eggs♦ 250 ml cream♦ freshly ground pepper♦ some flour for the work surface

So to prepared Quiche Lorraine à la Fabio


Pile flour on the work surface and press a hole in the middle. Add an egg and the ice-cold butter also rub in the hole. Add a dash of salt and all the ingredients quickly knead into a dough. Wrap dough in plastic wrap and place for about 30 minutes in the refrigerator.

Sauté Diced Bacon in a little butter. Clean the leeks and cut and onion cubes to the bacon in the pan. The finished pastry with a Rollholz on the floured work surface roll out. Rolled out dough in a Quiche dish and press firmly. Mix together with the pepper, leeks, onions and Bacon eggs and cream in a bowl and pour on the batter. Give for 35 minutes in the preheated oven (180 ° C, top / bottom).

Quiche – a fine food of remains of

spinach cheese quiche recipe Quiche pastry prepare vegetable stuffing

Now you can try also the uncomplicated recipe for Quiche Lorraine. On the same principle, you can make also an other fill with any ingredients such as such as broccoli, spinach, asparagus, salmon etc. Dare to experiment and prepare a delicious savoury cake French style.

The following images seem pure cooking inspiration for you!

Vegetable Quiche with fresh salad

Kohlrabi quiche recipe vegetable dishes vegetarian Quiche

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Quiche Pastry Cook vegetable quiche recipe ingredients

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crab meat egg quiche recipe with Parmesan Gratin

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salmon quiche recipe Quiche pastry with dill and lemon

Do you know the difference between the two French cake tart and quiche?

◊ a Tarte can a quiche, but only hearty both hearty taste too sweet

◊ a tart can be a covered cake, Quiche has but only a dough base

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