Quickly And Easily Transfer Innovative Flooring

Install your floor boards with your feet!

The installation or replacement of floor boards was never as easy and quick as with the latest products of iDecking revolution. Even the name of this Italian company begins with “I” – such as innovation! Not for nothing were some of the highlights at the Domotex their patented systems EasyClick and EasyChange 2017. research and experimentation are up here in demand not only in the area of high-quality flooring, but also when it comes to innovative wall cladding.

DURO – the innovation on your terrace

So for example the innovative material DURO for the Compositon of your terrace or in the form of wall panels for the indoor and outdoor areas ideal simply. This material is robust and fully sustainable, because it consists exclusively of rice husks and resin. DURO is 100% recyclable and thus contributes to an extremely minimal ecological footprint in its manufacture and disposal. It is also to mention that rice husks are only a waste product of agriculture and be burned very often, which leads to more CO2 emissions into the air. In the case of DURO this will not only prevent, but this saved valuable trees, especially from the rain forests of our planet. Durable and slip-resistant this material provides the perfect surface for Barefoot walking. Also it does not splinter. DURO can edit just like real wood, stain and paint – according to his own taste and personal preference. While this innovative construction material has not the disadvantages of wood. Care and maintenance are thus completely minimized.

idecking easyclick system natural terrace floor natural

The EasyClick and EasyChange installation systems

You need no tools and AIDS, one usually employs for the conventional installation systems no screwdrivers, no glue, no construction lines or spacers – innovative systems of iDecking. Instead, only a foot pressure to the floorboards in the perfect position to bring enough. Of course the special carrier which allow a correct installation help. Removing and replacing the flooring in the EasyChange happens system just as quickly and easily, thanks to a special key. Both installation systems are durable and water repellent and save not only time, but also money.

idecking revolution bodendielne natural terrace

ETHERNO bamboo – the floorboards with Oriental charm

Bamboo is considered one of the world’s fastest-growing resources and is very much preferred by many. The ETHERNO-floor planks made from bamboo, iDecking revolution save the consumers not only conscience, but above all more living comfort and carelessness, especially outdoors. Robust, weatherproof and splinter-free Bamboo flooring characterized with a perfect barefoot comfort and pleasant appearance – of course 100% CE and FSC certified!

idecking revolution bamboo floor natural natural terrace

Enjoy the innovative brand quality from vendors such as iDecking revolution and make your contribution to environmental protection and sustainable development.

Get a little closer overview in the video below:

idecking revolution bodendielne duro natural terrace

ground natural floor covering innovative duro easyclick system idecking

idecking easyclick system ground natural natural terrace

ground natural idecking revolution easy click system natural terrace

idecking revolution easy change system ground natural natural terrace