Recipes For Pancakes From Around The World – 24 Delicious Recipe Ideas

Posted on May 09, 2016

How do I prepared pancakes in various countries around the world

Have you tried already our basic recipe for pancake batter? This would be a good recipe idea for the Sunday morning, right? If you would like to experiment but, take a look at the 24 international recipes for pancakes including.

The beloved pancakes is served and prepared in the various countries of the world in a specific way. And so worldwide variety of pancakes have arisen thanks to the different cultures.

Would you join us online for a journey of cooking? You stick with it and be ready, the tasty pancake recipes to write down.

Recipes for pancakes from around the world

recipes for pancakes from around the world

North America and Canada

American pancakes or simple pancakes are a popular and fast breakfast in the United States and Canada. The round, small and somewhat thick pancakes are often served with butter and honey or syrup in Canada, of course, with maple syrup.

The secret of the Fluffy pancakes is the dough preparation: eggs, buttermilk, sugar, flour, and the secret ingredient – baking soda. You will find the exact recipe here.

American pancakes

American pancake recipes for pancakes around the world


The Australian pancakes are closely related to the American and hot Pikelets. You are very popular in Australia as a snack, or are eaten at afternoon tea. To taste the Pikelets with jam and cream very tasty. Find the recipe for the batter.

Pikelets with Strawberry Jam and cream

Australia of Pikelets recipes for pancakes worldwide

Australian pancakes

Australia of Pikelets recipes pancake worldwide batter


Chinese pancakes be combined to the difference of the Pikelets with jam, but with soy sauce. Try out this recipe for Chinese pancake with spring onions.

Pancakes on Chinese-style with soy sauce

China scallion pancakes pancake dough recipes pancake world

Great Britain

Englishmen like to eat pancakes with lemon/lemon juice and sugar – an unusual combination that you must try at least once in life. The recipe is very easy and definitely time consuming.

Thin pancakes with lemon and sugar

England pancakes with sugar and lemon recipes for pancakes around the world

English pancakes

English pancakes with sugar and lemon recipes for pancakes around the World


Same ingredients for pancakes, you can prepare oven pancakes on Finnish art. Looking forward to the recipe? This is also very easy.

Finnish pancakes are baked in the oven

Finland Pannukakku pancake dough recipes pancake world


French pancakes called Crêpes and are very thin. The Crêpes dough is tasteless and can be enjoyed with many different ingredients savoury or sweet. You will find here a basic Crêpes recipe.

Crêpes with banana, chocolate syrup and Mint

France Crêpes recipes for pancakes around the world


The so called tiganites, served with honey, cinnamon and yoghurt are typical of the Greek cuisine. More information here.

Tiganites with honey

Greece of tiganites with honey recipes for pancakes around the world


Dutch pancakes are known under the name of Pannenkoeken. You can be both sweet and spicy. You can prepare Pannenkoeken according to the following recipe with tart apples and ham.

Sweet Pannenkoeken are sprinkled with sugar/powdered sugar and garnished with fruit such as berries

Holland Pannenkoeken Dutch baby recipe for pancakes around the world


Uttapam is an Indian, Crêpe-like breakfast from Syalu and Reisteig. Carrots, red onions and coriander are often mixed with the dough mix. Visit the following page for recipe for South Indian vegetable pancakes.

A Crêpe-like breakfast from India

India Uttapam pancake dough recipes for pancakes around the world

Uttapam – South Indian vegetable pancakes

India Uttapam recipe for pancakes around the world


The Icelandic pancakes are very similar to the French Crêpes, but they are called Pönnukaka.

Pancakes with Apple and curd filling

Iceland Pönnukaka recipes for pancakes around the world


The pancakes in Japan called Okonomiyaki and hearty taste. For all fans of Japanese cuisine, we recommend the following Okonomiyaki recipe.

Okonomiyaki – Japanese pancakes

Japan Okonomiyaki pancake recipes for pancakes around the world

Pancakes on Japanese art

Japan Okonomiyaki recipes for pancakes around the world


Kimchi jeon is the name of the Korean pancake which also hearty tastes like the Japanese. You can prepare kimchi jeon according to the following recipe with pork.

Korean pancake

Korea Kimchijeon kimchi pancakes recipes for pancakes around the world


Korea Kimchijeon kimchi pancakes recipes pancake world


Malaysian pancakes with wheat flour and coconut milk are still a possibility of getting closer to the far Eastern culture.

Apam Balik – Malaysian pancakes

Malaysia Apam Balik recipes for pancakes around the world


After we go again but this time from Asia to America, South America. Here we find the Mexican pancakes that taste very similar to the American. But you prepared with cinnamon

Pancakes with cinnamon – recipe

Mexico pancake batter recipes for pancakes around the worldMexikko Hotcakes recipe for pancakes around the world

Venezuela and Colombia

Cachapas are called the pancakes from the South American countries of Venezuela and Colombia. These are made from corn flour and filled with cheese.

Corn pancakes with melted cheese

Venezuela and Colombia of Cachapas recipe pancake worldVenezuela and Colombia pancake batter recipes pancake world


Perhaps you know the Austrian pancakes Kaiserschmarrn? After the Emperor Franz Joseph I named, the pancakes very much should have ate.

Kaiserschmarrn recipe

Austria Kaiserschmarrn recipe pancake world

Eastern Europe

Blini or Blintz are called the pancake in many Eastern European countries. They are slightly thicker than the traditional French Crêpes. Blini are made mostly from wheat or buckwheat flour and yeast. They are then served with a sweet or savoury filling.

Eastern European pancakes

East blini recipes for pancakes around the World


Nalesniki are filled pancakes from Poland with Quark. Recipe for the yummy cottage cheese pancakes here.

Polish pancakes with cottage cheese and strawberries

Poland Naleśniki pancake recipes around the world

Pancakes with jam

Poland Naleśniki pancake dough recipes pancake world


Oladji are Russian butter milk pancakes that are similar to American pancakes small and thick and as the name suggests, they are prepared with buttermilk. Oladji recipe here.

Russian Buttermilk Pancakes – Oladji

Russia Olady recipes pancake world

Serves delicious Oladji with yoghurt and jam

Russia Olady pancake dough recipes pancake world


The Hungarian pancakes called Palacsinta or Platschinken. Also like the Polish pancake Palacsinta filled with cottage cheese and can be combined with nuts or raisins.

Hungarian pancakes with curd cheese

Hungary potato recipes for pancakes around the world


Here to find out how you can prepare delicious Scottish Pancakes for dessert.

Dessert with fresh berries and jam

Scotland Scotch recipes pancake world

With honey and banana

Scotland of Scotch Scottish pancakes recipes pancake world


Raggmunk are Crêpe-like pancake made from potatoes or more specifically Swedish potato pancakes. According to recipe, you can easily master Raggmunk.

Raggmunk – pancake made from potatoes

Sweden Raggmunk recipe ideas pancakes around the world


Malawah are Somali pancakes, which are very popular in their home country for breakfast or dinner.

Malawah – Somali pancake

Somalia Anjero pancake dough recipes pancake world

South Africa

Finally we go to South Africa, to prepare Pannekoeke. Unfortunately, we found only one recipe in English, that reveals the secret of the South African dessert.

Stuffed pancakes sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon

South Africa Pannekoeke recipes pancake World

“Dough stir frying pan heat up, FRY pancakes and enjoy.” – this is the basic principle of making pancakes. It’s definitely easy and delicious and maybe that’s why the pancakes are the lovely breakfast in the world.

Want to go more in detail and find more delicious recipes for pancakes from around the world, take a look in the pancakes-book.

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