Reduce The Stress Of The Right Food Tips Against Stress-

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Tips against stress – what should we eat to reduce stress

Remain quiet, good-humored and avoid the stress of everyday life, they eat properly. The following foods have the ability to immediately bring positive feelings in you. They are also healthy and provide your body with the necessary vitamins and minerals through their regular consumption and be more energetic, optimistic and full of positivism in the long run.

Which food reduces tips against stress – stress?

tips against stress healthy carbs rice

Green tea fights but the stress tips against stress-

tips against green tea stress impact

Black chocolate

The sugar-free dark chocolate has a two-fold positive effect on our body. There, the substance anandamide contains and is responsible for controlling the levels of dopamine in the brain. If they are high enough, we feel happy and relaxed.

Do you like chocolate? And black?

live healthy dark chocolate against stress

Anandamide contains not only the sugar-free black chocolate. However, should rather eat this variety. In the other, there is sugar and other ingredients, which rather should avoid, because they are in turn unhealthy and could harm our well-being in the long run.

Nuts and almonds

In the nuts contains much selenium. This mineral must be always included in our body so that we we relaxed and feel in a good mood. It looks similar with the zinc, magnesium, vitamin E, and especially with the vitamins of the B group. These include all abundant in the almonds. In addition to reduce stress, many more health benefits also in the consumption of these: regulation of the blood pressure level and promotion of the immune system. These are important preconditions for regulating stress and keeping a good mood.

Almonds are tasty and healthy

live healthy almonds food healthy nuts


The blueberries create miracle for raising a good mood. You are always for stressful situations full of detoxifying substances and vitamin C. have you ready. You can eat the blueberries instead of sweets, because they contain fewer calories.

Blueberries reduce the stress

live healthy blueberries food stress reduce

Green tea

A cup of green tea also acts as a fast tool for overcoming stressful situations.

What are the positive aspects of green tea?

live healthy green tea stress reduce

Fish dishes

Most fish, such as salmon, contain omega-3 acids. They keep the stress hormones under control and supply your brain with Selenium and tryptophan. If you like fish, you should take Omega-3 as a supplement to your daily menu.

Fish is proving to be a particularly healthy product

tips against stress fish eat

Vitamins B6 and B12, which allow for the synthesis of serotonin contained also in fish. This in turn causes the feeling of bliss in the brain. B12 is often recommended for overcoming depression.


Sushi is healthy not only for this reason, because it contains fish. Inside, there are also magnesium, vitamin B2 and Pantothenic acid. Tips against stress often involve sushi consumption. It also remains the adrenaline in a healthy frame.

Do you like sushi?

tips against stress sushi eat stress reduce

Healthy carbohydrates (oats, bread, rice and pasta)

The consumption of carbohydrates is a wonderful way to stay calm.  Its effect unfolds but best if you eat Vollkornproduktein of an appropriate amount.  So encourage your digestive and avoid a feeling of heaviness in the stomach.  Thereby increase the consumption of oats as much as possible to reduce cholesterol and to stay completely allowed in any situation.

OAT is suitable also for breakfast

tips against stress oat breakfast idea

Regularly, eat bread!

live healthy tips against stress bread

Cook rice

live healthy rice tips against stress


In addition to the potassium, also following ingredients that relieve the stress contained in broccoli: vitamins B and C, folic acid and dietary fiber. Help for the curing of the nerves and the fighting of irritability.

Tasty broccoli dish

tips against stress broccoli against irritability

As you can see, the healthy food can be delicious. They have also much room for change. By the way, this in itself is a key to more happiness in life.

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