Regenkleidung-tricks And Tips For A Permanent Good Mood

rain gear fashion raincoat

Rain wear or how we might at the same time elegant and dry in the rain

Nothing against the geographical location, but what is it again for a crazy weather?  In the morning it is cold, warm in the afternoon and this rain to do so. This is unbearable!

Sometimes we have the feeling that the winter has returned, although straight summer is actually according to our calendar. Unfortunately we can’t stay locked up in the room, until the sun comes out. Therefore, it is very good to know how we can look good even on rainy days, although the weather destroyed our efforts.

The fashion dealing with it, that we always and everywhere chic look

rain gear fashion

No one likes to be caught by the rain. In today’s article, we have prepared some ideas for you, so that you can get in a good mood and well dressed in the rainy weather through. Rubber boots, beanie hat, rain jackets, scarves and of course the umbrella are our favorite attributes in the rainy weather. Here you get ideas for rain gear with your day despite the bad weather can be somewhat happy.

Materials like leather are very suitable for rainy days

rain gear fashion elegant

The universal solution for unsettled weather is to dress in layers. Here ultimately is a style mix. You can combat the gloomy weather and send rain coats, parkas, shoes, and brave and Flash patterns. Not satisfaction sure to 100%, but so you can get at least safely from A to B.

Parkas and trench coats with us faithfully through the rain

rain gear fashion stylish

The military and stealth – look is a leading trend for 2015

rain gear fashion green

In changeable weather, you should be prepared always to be surprised

rain gear fashion dress rubber boots

Chic rain gear is of course also available for men

rainwear parka man

The parka

Keep your fashionable silhouette with the parka. Suitable material that allows no rain and natural camouflage pattern will accompany you in this season.

The 90’s are back with long parkas, beanie hats and camouflage pattern

rain gear fashion parka

Something exotic and feather-light this dark blue floral patterned parka effect

rain gear fashion parka Olily

Exaggerate quietly, but pay attention to the harmony of the composition

rain gear fashion Valentino

you lose 30% of body heat through your head

rainwear of Beanies Hats

Sports jackets is also available in the elegant cut

rain gear fashion jacket red sporty

The sports jacket

The sporty jacket is practical, elegant looking and protects you from the unexpected rain, if you have no umbrella with him.

In every wardrobe, a Quilted Jacket should be to find

rain gear fashion Quilted Jacket

padded jacket (quilted jacket)

The short jacket with lining keeps not only dry, but also warm. Here, too, we have a tendency to natural patterns.

The classic trench coat is also in fashion this year

rainwear man coat


With a timeless trench coat, they are elegant and protected even in the pouring rain. This classic piece of clothing vary in cut and pattern, both in the men’s and the women’s fashion.

Lightweight fabrics and Mediterranean pattern. It’s all possible!

rain gear fashion flora

Camouflage pattern in an elegant Aufmachung-comfortable, chic and stylish

rain gear fashion summer coat

Rubber boots are a hit for several years. We may enjoy their practical role this year

rain gear fashion rubber boots

The rubber boots

On days when it rains endlessly, seems to be the only solution in a pair of rubber boots. You can choose your favourites from the rich palette of colors, patterns, brands and prices and singing through the rain.

It is also: practical, elegant and confident

rain gear fashion weatherproof

Jelly / plastic shoes

The rage this summer are from the 80s of again excavated rubber – or plastic – sandals. They are completely waterproof and awarded a sassy touch to your look.

The sandals and shoes made of this material feels like a second skin

rainwear rubber

Neck scarf

The wind and the rain can mess up your hair. A scarf can be used in several ways. Our idea is to cover your hair while you run in the rain.

The rain could make you look very glamorous

rainwear scarf over the head

The umbrella

Use your sense of humor in the selection of the umbrella. The more colorful, the better your mood will be. And with umbrellas, you never know whose mood you will still improve.

The tips are good and you certainly have to get a better idea for your own, proper rain clothes. Stay happy and dry!

Colors you fight the bad weather – mood

rain gear fashion Rainbow umbrella

Transparent umbrellas and fun motifs can be a good solution

rainwear umbrella